Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons, a unique creation Dom Pérignon

For the release of the millésime vintage 2003 Rosé, by the prestigious house of Champaign Dom Pérignon, the well-known contemporary artist Jeff Koons has created a piece of Art, christened Balloon Venus. The union between Dom Pérignon and Jeff Koons under the sign of fitness, charm and luxury in a very contemporary spirit.

A historical inspiration by Jeff Koons

Balloon Venus, in its deep heart is incorporated the Dom Pérignon rosé 2003, which is a reduced model of the famous “Venus of Willendorf”. This latter is a palaeolithic figurine found in Austria, dating of 23 000 years before our era.
Balloon Venus is a new type of models, a modern love goddess that embraces the one who holds her reflective curves. She’s one of the key elements of the “Antiquity” series, imagined by Jeff Koons since 2008.

Balloon Venus, a setting dedicated for the Dom Pérignon vintage rosé 2003

Distributed in two customized boxes, Balloon Venus covers the Dom Pérignon rosé 2003, and the Dom Pérignon white 2004 in a breath-taking design.
The dark background shows the vintage color. On the front side of the box, a view of the artist’s workshop reflects the creative and sensory energy of Jeff Koons.
The interior leads you into discovering the voluptuous curves of the Balloon Venus sculpture that echoes the Dom Pérignon flavors’ curvature and generosity. In tainted stainless steel, the Balloon Venus carries a high chrome content that confers genuinely transparency and depth.
Each vintage finely embodies the sumptuous heritage of the Dom Pérignon wine; Jeff Koons makes a tribute to the history of this myth with this outstanding piece.

Limited to 650 copies, produced for the new year’s eve holidays, the price of a box made in France is about 15 000€. This masterpiece overtakes all the previous versions (including the famous design by Andy Warhol in 2010 for the cuvée vintage 2000).
Bold and to the limit of the conventional, a step ahead of their time, Dom Pérignon and Jeff Koons have delivered an outstanding expression of power and partnership, it’s called Balloon Venus.

balloon Venus Koons design
Jeff Koons Dom Perignon

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