The Manta Resort, the new Atlantis

Located on the tropical Pemba Island in Zanzibar, the Manta Resort sells dreams by inaugurating its first underwater room built four meters below the surface. A wonderful experience for the ocean-lovers!

A breathtaking experience

Far away from the stress and the continuous noise, let the submarine silence carry you away into the depth of the Indian Ocean! Part of this experience lies in Pemba Island’s isolation and lack of development as a tourist destination. For ocean-lovers, this private floating island, with the bedroom four meters below the surface, is the perfect place to enjoy while sleeping surrounded by a tropical marine environment. For an outstanding effect, each window has underwater spotlights that attract and illuminate nearby sea creatures at night !

A submarine cocoon

This new African submarine room has been designed by the Swedish creator Mikael Genberg, designer of the Utter Inn in Sweden, a single room that lies three meters below the surface in a Swedish lake.

On the Manta resort private island, at sea level, the landing deck contains a lounge area for resting and dining, as well as the bathroom facilities. On the top deck, guests can sunbathe or gaze up at the stars during the night. The real draw is the underwater bedroom, which sits four meters beneath the surface of the water and which features a comfortable double bed and two large windows, giving an 360-degree view. Situated in the centre of a blue hole, the floating island is surrounded by a coral reef measuring some 12 metres deeps offering to the guests all kinds of marine wildlife right outside their bedroom window and the possibility to swim amongst a multitude of fish species, the star being the manta ray.

Spending one night in your own secluded, half-submerged hotel suite is worth 1 100 euros for two people. At the moment, the Manta Resort is taking reservations from now until Jun. 30, 2014! For those who are claustrophobic, the Manta Resort offers a variety of luxury rooms on solid ground.

The Submarine experience: the new trend!

The Manta Resort is not the only resort to maximize the beauty of its tropical underwater environments. The incredible Ithaa underwater restaurant, at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, offers to its guests the experience to taste a platter of seafood surrounded by sharks.

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