Discover Andrea Aprea new restaurant the perfect mix between tradition and innovation

Discover Andrea Aprea’s new restaurant in Milan, Italy. The Michelin Star chef present his first project as chef Patron after being Chef executive at the Vun Andrea Aprea Restaurant:  the first hotel restaurant in Milan’s history to receive a Michelin star.

The new Andrea Aprea Restaurant is located on the top floor of the Art Museum of the Luigi Rovati Foundation in the heart of Milan. The museum displays several Etruscan objects and artefacts contributing to the marvelous gastronomic journey that one has the opportunity to experience in the Andrea Aprea Restaurant. The restaurant has been granted his first Michelin star just months after opening.

The Andrea Aprea restaurant is in a 400m2 space, divided into 210m2 of dining room, private dinning space and a wine cellar and 190 m2 of kitchen.

The interior designed by Flaviano Capriotti is a voyage that leads through a path of surprise and discovery.

The intensity found in the dishes is reflected in the place. The alternation between the black bucchero surfaces, which is the black ceramic used by Etruscan and the long glass paths. The materials used are pure and left in their natural state and contribute to the constant surprise and amazement that one experiences through the movements and the unveiling of this astonishing place.

The chef biggest source of inspiration is memory. The history and the memory that has made the Italian cuisine what it is. He focuses on contemporaneity rather than modernity because tradition was nothing more than the present of our ancestors. Indeed, contemporaneity is the “ability to interpret the spirit of one’s own time”.

To discover Chef Andrea Aprea cuisine and incredible voyage to “the memory, the sight, the sense of smell, the palate ” book a table at the restaurant and try one of the three gastronomic itineraries offered to the public :

Contemporaneità, a 5-course experience dedicated to the relationship between memory and innovation

Partenope, a 6-course journey into the charms of the Campania region

Signature, the ultimate, absolute experience of the chef’s philosophy in 8 courses

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