Meier Tower on Rothschild offers high-luxury apartments in Tel Aviv

Like New York, Dubai or Doha, Tel Aviv disposes of astonishing architectural creations. A new prestigious address in the chic area of the Israeli metropolis which may overshadow all the others now has to be reckoned: the Meier Tower on Rothschild.

Named after its famous architect, this 42-floor construction will secure 32 of them for the installation of luxury apartments providing views over the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Judah. Designed with innovative technologies and materials, this building fulfils the ecological construction criteria and was therefore awarded with the American Green Standard.

In addition to the 37 apartments for sales, the Meier Tower on Rothschild includes luxury amenities for its residents. A spa, a fitness centre, a relaxation centre and obviously a great concierge service will be available for owners.

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