The Ferrari 250 GTO replica by luxury stone specialist Lapicida.

The luxury stone specialist Lapicida would like to propose the ultimate boy’s toy… A scale replica of your car carved from a single block of stone by the most advanced CNC machine in the world. Lapicida offers an outstanding Ferrari 250 GTO marble replica, the most valuable automobile ever made which sits at the top of the pyramid of the most coveted classic cars in the automotive history.

State-of-the-art process

A unique work of art, it represents an absolute state-of-the-art process which begins with 3D modelling of the original vehicle, be it a vintage beauty or the latest supercar. The 3D model is interpreted through a series of advanced software programmes: These allow the image to be fine-tuned in three dimensions and digitally sets up the CNC with the diamond drills which will carve the final piece in its every detail.

Producing specialist works in stone for interior designers and architects worldwide, Lapicida’s North Yorkshire workshops operate one of only three ‘Breton NC1600’ CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines in the world. This colossal 5-axis ‘shape mill’ can accommodate blocks of stone weighing up to 25 tonnes. Linked to sophisticated imaging software, it can be programmed to carve virtually any 3D object in stone, from a cherished automobile to a facsimile of a priceless antique statue.

Lapicida works in a wide variety of stones, marbles and semi-precious materials such as rock crystal. Typically a scaled car in marble takes in the region of 100 hours of machine time to perfect, running at a spindle speed of around 7,000 RPM. The final stage of the commission then involves several days of hand-finishing by Lapicida’s craftsmen; joining their traditional skills with the world-leading technology of the giant CNC machine… to create the ultimate model car.

The 250 GTO Ferrari replica : the ultimate Boys’s Toys

If you wish to own a piece of the iconic Ferrari’s legacy, The Milliardaire found the perfect option for you : it’s a 1:3.6 scale model of the 250 GTO sculpted out of Arabescato marble by luxury stone specialist Lapicida. The Ferrari 250 GTO replica is the ultimate boy’s toy : the rarest classic car in the world is rather the ultimate status symbol and the marble replica has a similar appeal.

Lapicida used laser to scan an actual, full-size Ferrari 250 GTO and with the help of 3D modeling software, sculpted the replica using a state of the art computer-controlled, five-axis mill out of a single block of Italian Arabescato marble. Finally, it is hand finished by Lapicida’s craftsmen to make it perfect. The marble Ferrari replica measures 47.2-inches long, 18.1-inches wide and 13.4-inches tall.

The Ferrari replica might not have a fire-breathing V12 powering it, but frankly speaking it looks amazing. It retails for £30,000 ($50,000 approximately), which considering the beauty of the thing is a small price to pay to own one of these. If you are looking for outstanding works of art, please visit our Art category.

Lapicida-Ferrari-1 Lapicida-Ferrari-3 Lapicida-Ferrari-4 Lapicida-Ferrari-5 Lapicida-Ferrari-6

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