« Vegetables » collection by Patrick Laroche

Since October the 16th and until the 16th of December, Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg revives the XVIII century, an era when this spot of Paris was nothing but gardens, and now welcoming the “Vegetables” collection by Patrick Laroche.
A sculpture lover since the age of 15, Patrick Laroche was specialized in the contemporary art. Distinguished as France’s best worker in 1997, he often produces moldings, different enlargements and shortening figures for the majestic Louvre Palace.

“Vegetables”, art and nature revived

The story starts years ago, when Patrick Laroche has invented vegetable-based candlesticks.
As a gastronomy passionate, he starts conceiving the Vegetables collection gathering art and vegetables, a challenge that allows him to prove his desire of including vegetables within the artistic imagination.
At the entrance of Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg, four giant asparagus welcome the guests. Pushing the revolving door is an absolute call to flavors. Through the hotel’s different spaces where asparagus arise, along with peas, pepper and tomato… in a whirlwind of shimmering colors, a universe of giant vegetables that carries you away in between surrealism and reality.

“Vegetables”, passion and fascination

The French artist is fascinated by vegetables, he sees them as on open invitation to travel in a magical universe, and reproduces the nature at its very best. The vegetable sculptures converge as well sensuality, a sharp sense of observation and surrealism, only to remain faithful to the original model.
These metal sculptures are based on bronze, stainless-steel or solid resin and genuinely covered by silver and varnish projections. Therefore, this reflection grants the artworks great brightness, recalling the fact of: ‘vegetables are in need of sun exposure’.
The silver-plated peppers attire themselves in blue, when the artichokes undress.  All productions are marked by the acronym ‘Vegetables’, a signature illustrating the artist’s passion and an obvious fusion between art and plants.

The Vegetables collection opens the doors to imagination and pulls the art’s limits to the extreme. It’s seeing vegetables from a whole new angle, artworks that have spent enough time to ripen, the absolute congregation of both gastronomy and sculpture.

Patrick Laroche collection
Sofitel Patrick Laroche
Collection vegetables
Sofitel Vegetables
Laroche vegetables
Vegetable Laroche
Vegetables by Laroche

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