The Chalet Konstverk in Sweden

In the past, men penetrated in these mountains of the north of Sweden every day, to extract copper dissimulated under the rocks. Until some men who truly loved these snowy mountains and immense forests, decided to found a winter sports resort, the first in the history of the kingdom, and still to this day, the most important.

On top of mount Förberget, ski enthusiasts once saved the village, and a couple of years ago, art amateurs built the chalet Konstverk, both a mountain chalet and a bold creative gesture.


The chalet Konstverk is located in Bjornen, in Sweden, a family friendly area and a great option for ski holiday.

Located on the border of the pine trees, the chalet Konstverk is an incredible architecture artwork. While it seems discrete and humble from the outside, with its style of a traditional wooden chalet, inside the chalet Konstverk demonstrates an overflowing imagination, delicate and sophisticated.

After having discovered the spa and the sports room, the elegantly sober conference room, we enter into a living room with intertwined metal beams that seem to form flower bouquets that rise towards the wooden ceiling. A structure highlighted by a white light that emerges from the large windows, and orange reflections emerging from the stone fireplace.

For your comfort, chalet Konstverk features 7 bedrooms in the main house and 1 bedroom in the adjacent apartment guests as well as 6 bathrooms in the main house + 1 in the guest apartment.

The interactions of light and shadow extend to the rooms, where the disposition of the lamps and the windows creates a warm light, which at night, sculpts the woodwork that surrounds the generous beddings, walls and ceiling.

Moreover, this 700 square meters chalet boasts an incredible fully equipped kitchen and an amazing dining area for 14 people.

Precious wood, half-light patterns and shapes and precious materials give us the feeling of strolling at the heart of the northern forests of Sweden.

A perfectly mastered illusion that reminds us, as Daniel Pennac said, “architecture is an art of suggestion.”

From €3,800 per night.

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