Aurae Gold MasterCard: The debit card that opens the doors to an exquisite luxury

Aurae just launched an entirely customized debit card system for exceptional persons: the Aurae Gold MasterCard. Representative of success, status and wealth, this will give you access to luxury services all over the world.

Your success celebration

This new Aurae Gold MasterCard program will allow you to create a card that is the unique expression of your personal achievement. Customized with your name, your logo or by any symbol of your choice, you can choose between gold and rose gold, from 18K to 14K.

The Aurae Gold MasterCard represents your personal legacy. Solid, it weight between 40 and 60 grams and is set with precious stones. The card numbers, customized elements and signature are perfectly engraved to ensure a full permanence.

The Aurae Gold MasterCard can be used everywhere MasterCard are allowed. But the luxury goes beyond. With such a card, Aurae gives you access to the best quality of services.

The Aurae Gold MasterCard services

Becoming an Aurae member with your Aurae Gold MasterCard, you will have access to a luxury lifestyle and concierge program entirely dedicated to you, any time, all-week long.

Because a successful life doesn’t always mean to have time for yourself, the Aurae Gold MasterCard concierge service was created to let you benefit from the best quality of services that exceeds your expectation. True real value to your life your dedicated Curator will answer all your demands as fast as possible and permanently. You will also have access to world’s most exclusive and sought after events with Aurae lifestyle experts.

The Aurae Gold MasterCard is presented in a nestled hand-crafted, maple heirloom box and a hand-stitched leather wallet with a dedicated pocket, plus an authenticity certificate. Lloyd’s of London insures the cards against loss or theft.

The customized cards are available by invitation only. The membership and customized cards begin at $50.000 then you will have to pay $5.000 for the annual fees. The card will be replaced each 5 years. If you truly think that you are one of these exceptional persons too, do not hesitate to join the greatly prized Aurae Club.

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