Aviatore Veloce Turbojet: when art meets everyday objects and enchants your interior

With this review, you will discover a true piece of art, but also an everyday object like no other. And what if you can impress your guests simply by making them a tasty coffee? This is the possibility offered by the Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet.

A cup of tea?

Everything begins with a passion, Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s one, Super Veloce’s CEO. Growing up in automobile world, and working in it for a large part of its life, this artist has always been fascinated by Formula 1, but more precisely by the most performing car’s powereful engines.

That is how the idea of the first coffee machine was born in 2011, the Espresso Veloce, inspired by a V8 engine. The following muse will then be parts of V10 and V12 engines…only great cylinders! All these coffee machines have a common point: automobile! But the wind seems to change this time with the Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet, which is a complete re-creation of a jet engine utilising aerospace grade alloys, so everything is fabricated from scratch.

Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet is a perfect replica of an 1960’s prototype that has never been produced. The turbine shells are also made with the same alloy used in the construction of bodywork for commercial jets. Then, this sublime machine can really make excellent coffee, not with capsules, but with true coffee bean or tea with tealeaves.

The Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet isn’t built with welding pieces and is mounted on a sturdy frame of aerospace-grade 316 T1 alloy.

Useful art

What is more stunning than a piece of art, delicately and discretely posed in your living room, dining room or kitchen, that could also be useful when your diner is finished? Indeed, your guests won’t have guess that such a so beautiful object, like the Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet, could also be truly useful.

Indeed, the Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet produces its own coffee or tea thanks to its 3L water tank. That impressive capacity could also explain its weight of 28kg. On these machines, everything is customisable depending on the customer’s wishes, that could ask for their logo engraved, their signature or name, whatever they want!

Art is also rare, that is why the Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet is only produced to 100 copies worldwide. And its heir has already been announced because the next machine will come from a Ferrari F40 engine and will be called Super Veloce Bi-Turbo…such a promising project!

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Discover the Aviatore Superveloce Turbojet

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