Heroïn Bike: a resolutely perfect bike that will immediately make you an addict

French luxury brand Heroïn began its quest for perfection willing to create the ultimate bike, the most performing, aesthetic and elegant bike ever designed. So the Heroïn bike, as its name indicates, will make you an addict because of its purity, its rarity and the pleasure that it offers.

Aerodynamic perfection

At the beginning of this project, the “modulor” concept from Le Corbusier architect, who was also seeking for the perfect balance between man and his surrounding. It is with the same goal of perfection that Marc Simoncini, with cycling in his blood, has reunited a team of experts and launched the Heroïn Bike project.

It took two years to create this perfect bike. The team was specialized in materials treatment, but also aerodynamics and morphological analysis. That is how the team made it through this unique project, assembled in France and manufactured in Italy. After years of thinking and research about performance, elegance and unparalleled sense of detail, the racing Heroïn Bike was born.

Thanks to research about airflow and remarkable blowing work, the Heroïn Bike gives unique sensations to its owner. While remaining comfortable, this ultra-light bike challenges air resistance and provokes big thrill with each burst.

Aesthetic perfection

The Heroïn Bike isn’t only performing, but it is also incredibly elegant. This amazing and stylized look is due to the abundant use of carbon fibre. If the fabrication process remains a secret, the use of the finest materials is evidence.

Entirely made by hand, the Heroïn Bike appears to be extremely strength and manoeuvrable. Indeed, it only weights 6.5 Kg. If its aesthetic and technique will remain intact, you can always custom your bike depending on your morphology, before it’s numbered and allocated to its one and only owner.

And some owners, there only will be a few of them because the Heroïn Bike will be strictly limited to 349 copies wolrdwilde, but each bike comes with a lifetime warranty. If you wish to live this unique experience, be quick and go on the brand’s website or in the brand’s Parisian showroom to test it!

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