Holland & Holland and Dalmore Whisky launched a luxurious Chess Set

British gunsmith Holland & Holland is expanding its lifestyle offerings beyond hunting apparel and accessories to appeal to a different gaming interest. Indeed, Holland & Holland in collaboration with The Dalmore Whisky, unveiled a bespoke Chess Set.

The Board

High-polish ebony and gun-stock walnut squares bordered by nickel, ebony, walnut & ebony inlay. Solid English walnut surround, hand-checkered with 1.87 miles of etched lines.

The sides of the surround are inlaid with two polished mild steel diamond escutcheons; the playing ends with two polished mild steel guidon strips – all hand-engraved with the detail taken from the famous ‘Royal’ engraving’ developed at the Holland & Holland factory.

The body and drawers of the set are polished English walnut – the drawers each being inlaid with a further hand-engraved polished mild steel diamond escutcheon.

The drawers are fitted with a spring mechanism operated respectively at each end by two Holland & Holland shotgun safety catches, again hand-engraved with detail from the Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ engraving.

The drawers are lined in real calf suede. The side of the body is inlaid with a sterling silver plaque outlining the provenance of the hand-engraving employed on the set. There is as much hand-engraved steel incorporated into the set as there is on the action of a Holland & Holland shotgun.

The Whisky

Each set contains a bottle of whisky and two tumblers hand- engraved with The Dalmore stag.

The Chess Set draws inspiration from The Dalmore’s Constellation Collection – a range of vintages that were created at the brand’s Highland distillery between 1964 and 1992.

Each of the 21 individual releases are placed in handblown crystal decanters housed inside a bespoke lacquered presentation cabinet. The decanter itself is adorned with a hand-engraving of The Dalmore’s emblem, a silver stag.

The piece has been crafted to the same standards as a Holland & Holland shotgun and the same time-honoured techniques applied.

The Chess Set is exclusive to Harrods and will be on display at the Dalmore Shop in Shop at Harrods. To discover more outstanding objects, visit our Shopping category.

Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-1 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-8 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-7 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-6 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-5 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-4 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-3 Holland-&-Holland-Chess-Set-2

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