Hopen Place the art of an unusual place

Holywood Hills are lit up by Villa Hopen Place, conceived by the famous architecture firm Whipple Russell Architects. This luxury house of a 43000-square-meter surface offers a spectacular view on the city. Its style is inspired of the fifties, keeping the very same fantasy of the twenty-first century.

A Classic villa’s structure reference with a modernization of its paradigms, in particular its contemporary shades: materials, texture, light and water, giving this place, a heavenly dimension.

A grand interior…. The Villa Hopen Place has large internal spaces with modern and airy decoration. It is totally open on the outdoors with plate glass windows, wide sliding doors, giving direct access to the terrace and to the garden boarding the pool.

3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4000-square-meter surfaces with splendid floors and custom-made furniture, make of the indoors an essential element of Hopen place’s charm. Colors are used in a surprising way: A bathroom with mandarin stone floors and a kitchen with green brightness make a wonderful contrast.

A rousing schedule…. What is more pleasing than going nostalgically all over a residence, that holds a vast open-air space before stopping by to enjoy the sunlight laying on deck-chairs set up in front of the pool!

The falling night, a dinner out in the open will allow to the fortunate to enjoy the city’s light show. Further in the evening, a cinema session in the villa’s projection room will complete a long welfare day.

Acquired for the value of 8.5 million dollars in August 2011, the present owner is nobody else than the iconic Matthew Perry, known for his main character in the hit TV show: “Friends”.

The Whipple Russell Architecture firm goes even further, with some more astonishing residences such as : The Wallace Ridge in Trousdale, The Mandeville Canyon in Brentwood, The Beverly Grove in Holywood, and many others…

Hopen place salon
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