Inside John Nollet’s Louis Vuitton Hair Trunk

Elizabeth Hurley, Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger, Kylie Minogue, Uma Thurman and Johnny Depp are just a few names that spill out of John Nollet’s client list. For The Milliardaire, John Nollet opened up his exclusively customized Louis Vuitton trunks that serve as his hair salon.

Hair room service around the world

A few years ago, Park Hyatt partnered with Louis Vuitton to present a Tour of the World with “Hair Room Service Around the World” by famous hair technician John Nollet. 

Especially for the tour, Louis Vuitton designed custom versions of its iconic luggage trunks. During one year, John Nollet worked with one hundred artisans to customize his dream work box.

Inspired by the great travelers of the past, John Nollet set up in the Park Hyatt Hotels in Dubai, Milan, Moscow, Istanbul New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo to offer women the ultimate styling experience.

The Louis Vuitton bespoke trunks boast a wealth of compartments and drawers designed especially to store John Nollet hair accessories and tools. Produced by Les ateliers d’Asnières, the Louis Vuitton trunk’s exterior is crafted in familiar monogram canvas with a black leather trim while the inside is clad in a vivid, festive red with black details.

John Nollet explained us how he got the idea of this portable hair salon : “the seed of the couture hair accessory line came to me when one of my actresses, who could not take me with her abroad, suggested I do “a hairstyle for her that she could take in her suitcase” for the next time she travelled. These accessories really made me want to go around the world to promote them. Because they are for women who travel, my dream was that they could be transported in made-to-measure chests.

The first couture accessory line I created, that was conceived for the luxury Cheval Blanc Hotel in Courchevel, was very successful and was immediately sold out. Clients loved the hand-made with natural hair accessories I created, and that was the initial spark.

I dreamt a concept about a luxury travel… to visit the women to style, not to wait for them to come, a “hair room service around the world” to offer my expertise and couture accessories.

Louis Vuitton loved the idea and agreed in realizing the trunks for me in occasion of the 150th Anniversary of making custom-made suitcases. Equipped with made on measure trunks manufactured by Louis Vuitton workshops in Asnières Atelier, in 2009 I organized a big trip around the world in partnership with Park Hyatt Hotels and Louis Vuitton to offer my “Hair Room Service around the world”: Dubai, Milan, Moscow, Istanbul New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo…

The “hair room service around the world” offered my services and accessories collection to women all over the places I visited. After this amazing world trip, I had the pleasure to be invited by the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme to set down my trunks in a suite that I completely redecorated, where, since 2011, my team and I offer our exclusive know-how.”

John Nollet has now set up base at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme in Suite 101 and launched a unique collection of Haute Couture hair accessories:beaded and braided headbands, combs, tiaras, feathers and flowers… Each piece is completely unique, entirely handmade with natural hair, in his Parisian atelier.

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