The Millésime Trunk marries skilled malster with oenology to awake your senses!

For those who love great wines, you will be pleased to learn that from now on you can delight every palate and amaze your hosts thank to TTTrunks manufacture. Indeed the Millésime T512 Trunk we introduce you today keeps many hidden treasures, and all of them in a refined jewel box.

Perfectly mastered union

Thanks to the Millésime T512 Trunk you can reunite centenary know-how concerning high maltster and high technology, more specifically concerning oenology. After 1050 hours of manufacturing, the house’s best craftsmen managed to build this jewel box with almost unreal dimensions. Then the Trunk will accompany you wherever you want.

And to do that, the Millésime T512 Trunk appears to be truly one-of-a-kind. Indeed, it is the only trunk in the world that allow you to preserve fine wines in a perfect conditions, but also to create an out of time place for you and your guests, but while remaining nomad.

Pleasure of the senses and feast for the eyes

Everything begins with a strong visual identity, T.T.Trunks one, and its unique craftsmanship. The Millésime T512 Trunk dresses in black, leather and metal on its surfaces, using first choice materials such as nickel-plated burnished brass. Each detail has been carefully studied to affirm the manufacture’s identity until the handles that proudly wear its signature.

Once you open the Millésime T512 Trunk’s cover, all your senses are awakened again and you can admire the electric blue interior, represented on the different compartments until the quilting. Then comes the time to taste…

High-Technology for a unique tasting

After opening the Millésime T512 Trunk, you can choose between one of your 10 fine wines, carefully preserved at a perfect temperature; Stretch out the tasting plate and pick up one of the wine and champagne glasses subtly hidden in the compartments. But the show doesn’t’ stop to the amazing convenience of the Millésime T512 Trunk. Indeed it also hides marine white-leathered coasters with black-leathered base that underline the most delicate wines’ dress.

For moments of conviviality with your guests, the Millésime T512 Trunk also possesses two wifi stereo speakers and a guestbook, to remember this time for the rest of your life.

Now you just have to know that the Millésime T512 Trunk is available for a prestigious price as well because it costs 100.000 euros!

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