Noordung Angel Edition: a connected electric bicycle to live a unique urban experience

Slovenian company Noordung offers you a unique experience in terms of electrical mobility with the Noordung Angel Edition bicycle. An ultra-light and connected city bike strictly limited to 15 unique models…at least for the moment!

Pedal with rhythm!

The first great innovation on Noordung Angel Edition is the fact that the bike allows you to pedal listening all your favourite music without disturbing the pedestrians nearby or divert your attention from the road.

Indeed, Noordung Angel Edition is equipped with a “Boombox” that contains an ultra-performing battery and two high-resolution speakers that you will be able to control directly from your smartphone. So the sound is turned towards you all the time, something truly unique!

The same “Boombox” also allows you to measure the air quality and to choose for you the purest road, where the air is healthier. Then, each path with your Noordung Angel Edition becomes a vivid experience and during that same path, you can also charge all your electronic devices thanks to two USB ports and then never arrive with low batteries!

The size doesn’t matter

At first sight, Noordung Angel Edition and its unique design can be considered as pretty imposing, and then heavy. But don’t be fooled by the size! Its monocoque frame made from carbon component is fully light-weight.

Then, Noordung Angel Edition can be proud to be one of the lightest bicycles in the world! Its Vivax Assist motor is also one of the lightest and powerful that you can find on the market.

So you can appreciate a unique driving experience and pedal in an absolute comfort during all your city travels. Even if Noordung Angel Edition is limited to 15 models, each of them sold at 8.000 euros, Noordung is intending to extend this bike to a production series, depending on the investor’s interest.

Finally, each person that buys a Noordung Angel Edition will be able to receive the bike within four months! So open your eyes while walking on the street, and maybe you will recognize one of them!

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