Based Upon and Goldfinch piano unveiled The Baby

The Baby by Based Upon, priced at £475,000, is a spectacular piano hand-sculpted by Based Upon, a London-based artist studio, renowned for its unique and innovative contemporary British art—and fitted with a Goldfinch piano.

Inspired by patterns in nature

Goldfinch, the renowned Brit piano brand, teamed up with the famous art studio Based Upon, to create The Baby, a piano that was originally a very fine looking hand-made sculpture that took 9 years to design!

The Baby’s form is based on the Golden Spiral omnipresent throughout our universe: from star-studded galaxies to the florets in a sunflower. The fluid curves of The Baby depict these mysterious patterns, so prevalent in nature.

The sculptural Twist form is the result of ten years of design evolution. To date the Twist has appeared as a handful of sculptural funiture pieces and is now reimagined as an astonishing piano.

The tri-oval top elevates, appearing to twist away from its base, to reveal a baby grand piano. Exclusive hand-finished metals and seductively tactile resins reflect the artist’s studies of the earth’s surface—and scenes taken from outer space.

A masterpiece inside and out

Only the finest solid spruce, from the Valle de Fiemme in the north Italian Alps, is good enough for Goldfinch master craftsmen. Using treasured, time-honoured techniques, this incredible wood is precisely engineered to create the tonal heart of every Goldfinch piano.

Every detail of a Goldfinch bespoke piano is individually handcrafted, right down to the measurement, calculation, manufacture and fitting of each of the 230 strings. There is simply no other way to achieve that rich, velvety inimitable Goldfinch tone.

Goldfinch, known for their rich and remarkable piano craftsmanship uses precision, calculated measurements and customizations to make their instruments some of the most sought after in the industry.

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