301 Carolwood Drive: one of the most expensive estate in the USA is sold at 150 millions dollars

If it is difficult to classify all the houses in the United-States, it is quite simple to affirm that 301 Carolwood Drive has became California’s most expensive estate. Its price can be explained by the neighbourhood’s history, and all the house’s secrets.

VIP’s most wanted quarter

This huge property, immersed in nature, is famous because of the quarter and the street in which it is located. Because the 301 Carolwood Drive is like no other address. This street is one the most famous in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.

Not only there is a marvellous city view, but there are also a lot of VIP neighbours. Let’s begin with the 301 Carolwood Drive that was built on the former “Mon Rêve”, Barbara Streisand’s former house. It is simple to understand that this neighbourhood is one of the star’s most wanted place in Hollywood, and plenty of them lived there, such as Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney, Rod Stewart and the Great Elvis Presley himself. That is the first reason why the agent requires 150 millions of dollars for this property.

Space, nature and opulent luxury

Even if the 301 Carolwood Drive remains quite mysterious, the agent reveals some important details about the estate hidden behind the immense portal. Behind these walls are no less than 38 000 square foot of living areas, and decadent rooms with unequalled comfort.

Among these rooms at 301 Carolwood Drive, you can find no less than 10 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms, and of course a stunning master suite with approximately 5 300 square foot, opened on a covered and heated patio. You can welcome your guest easily for lavish parties and park their cars in your 50 cars garage, in addition to your 10 car private garage.

For your guest entertainment, 301 Carolwood Drive owns a giant spa with indoor waterfall, heated pool, hair saloon and manicure/pedicure plus extra massage rooms. You can also rest in your own theatre-complex or the lounging space and wine room.

Then, outside the 301 Carolwood Drive are plenty of beautiful spaces, surrounded by nature and outdoor fire pits and couches, along the outdoor pool. You can also play on your private tennis court and, walk along your own hiking trail around the house.

So, are you now seduced by VIP lifestyle? If you are, you would have to quickly seize the opportunity and talk with your banker to convince him to spend a few hundred of millions of dollars and become a lucky owner!

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