2551 Brentwood Drive: stop searching, your dreamed house is there!

If you are desperately looking for your dreamed estate for you and all your family and wish to impress all your friends you can stop searching, because this house is probably in Utah, United-States, and more precisely at 2551 Brentwood Drive in Holladay, near from Salt Lake City.

A gigantic park

Located in the middle of a 2.79-acres-park, the estate at 2551 Brentwood Drive offers all you can wish for. There are grand spaces, natural old trees, but also synthetic grass that is both beautiful and easy to maintain.

Here and there, trickling streams border the garden at 2551 Brentwood Drive and the estate’s soothing pond is a true peaceful place to rest while observing Wasatch Mountain. For your entertainment, you can also plunge into the huge outdoor pool, listening to cascading waterfalls, while your friends are preparing for the barbecue or resting under the patio.

From the outside, you can admire this immense house at 2551 Brentwood Drive, made with stucco, concrete block, stone and wood, but you can also observe all your people inside the house thanks to the huge glass walls.

A spacious and sophisticated house

Inside 2551 Brentwood Drive everything was carefully decorated, with sophisticated and simple furniture and also unparalleled sense of details. The house owns four bedrooms and three bathrooms, spread over 1.714sq.m.

Environmentally friendly, the estate at 2551 Brentwood Drive has many stunning fireplaces and the main floor give you access to all common rooms such as the living room and the kitchen. There is also the majestic and intimate master suite, full of resting places.

Then at lower level you can entertain yourself with all your friends and sweat in the fully equipped fitness room or sauna, while others are playing in the bowling alley. Fully secured and air conditioned, the house at 2551 Brentwood Drive is a true haven of peace and relaxation for its owner.

If you wish to definitely settle down at 2551 Brentwood Drive, you have to know that the estates actually costs $7.400.000 or almost 6.634.391€.

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