The Brabus SV12 Safe by Stockinger

The two noble German factories, BRABUS and Stockinger, teamed up to create and manufacture the most extravagant and spectacular high security safe. Featuring sleek luxury in design and polished perfection in technology, BRABUS’s new partnership with Stockinger Safety First Class exemplifies a singular level of commitment to engineering and craftsmanship.

Dynamic and elegant finish

The safe BRABUS SV12 combines elements of sporty luxury with security in visual, functional and technological perfection to attract a special range of clients who appreciate and seek the extraordinary.

This safe, specially created for the most demanding jewelry and watch collectors, forms a bridge between the best traditions of safety technologies and design-oriented look. The BRABUS SV12 safe was introduced for the first time at the IAA fair in Frankfurt in 2011.

Hallmarks of luxurious extravagance such as finest leather linings quitted in red yarn in combination with carbon and chrome elements, multi-layer black high-gloss finish and reminiscences of the BRABUS factory design language add up in characteristically fascinating aesthetic appearance of the BRABUS safe Sv12 by Stockinger.

Number „12“ in the name of the safe originates from the powerful BRABUS 800 SV12 engines, but in this case it stands for twelve built-in-watch winder defies for ideal maintenance of automatic watches.

The BRABUS SV12 safe with its usable space volume of 183 liters and exterior dimensions of 127 cm x 67 cm x 55 cm was developed primarily for private use. Easy and safe to handle by means of the automatic digital input system Stocktronic installed at an ergonomically correct height, this safe is ideal for use in private homes, which give its owner the freedom to enjoy his valuables at any time of night and day within his own four walls.

The BRABUS Sv12 safe permits to keep beautiful and valuable objects in a suitable environment, „rescuing“ them from a dull existence within in-wall lockers, basement hide-aways and bank vaults.

The common strategy of “hide and seek” is herewith replaced by complete “invincibility“ that prevents destruction of property typically caused by search for valuables in case of burglary.

Dominik von Ribbentrop, owner of Stockinger, says: “Style, grace and security: A Stockinger safe will give you freedom and independence and will increase your peace of mind – in style and at all times. Stockinger’s passion is to enrich the grey world of bulky safes with a high-class product that is as secure as a bank, as precise as a master time piece, and as beautiful as a piece of the finest art.”

Mission accomplished for the BRABUS Sv12 safe!

Stockinger-Brabus-1 Stockinger-Brabus-6 Stockinger-Brabus-5 Stockinger-Brabus-4 Stockinger-Brabus-3 Stockinger-Brabus-2

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