The GoldenPutter : the worlds most exclusive putter

Created for passionate golf players, Barth & Sons have created the Golden Putter, a personalized and exclusive golf Putter. Customized to fit the client’s tastes, the hand-crafted Golden Putter can be embellished with even more amazing materials such as gems, diamonds or gold application.

Unique as his owner

Made with fine, precious materials, combining both a classical style with a traditional form and covered with 24 karat gold, each stick is emphasized by a nominal engraving making every putter unique. Michael Barth, Founder and Owner of Barth & Sons said : “Every Putter is as unique as you. In addition we offer several possibilities with which you can further personalize your GoldenPutter, with even more exclusive materials, and customized luxury details.”

The result is an outstanding fully-fledged piece of an individualized high end sports equipment: from handmade leather grips to 24ct. hart gold plated or platinised shafts, or the platinised or 24ct. hart gold plated, perfectly balanced putter head – including the hosel milled from the solid.

The expression of its owners personality gets crowned by an individual inlay on the backside of each putter head: individualized by its owners name on a platinised or 24ct. hart gold plated inlay or an individually designed inlay with Swarovski crystallized elements or real diamonds and gems. The perfect sense of details : each putter is build as unique as its owner.

This exclusive uniqueness and individuality has its price:  TheGoldenPutter starts at no less than 2.395 €, and there is nearly no limit up, i.e. real gems and diamonds or massive gold or platinum inlays.

The most expensive single golf club in the world

To go even more further, Barth & Sons created a special edition of Barth & Sons’ GoldenPutter :  the First Lady Special Edition worthing $150,000 and becoming the world most expensive golf club ever produced !

Made with a gold shaft, leather grip, head with crystal inlays and plenty of other expensive features, the First Lady Special Edition of this putter runs a mere $150,000. It’s coated with 24-carat gold on the shaft and comes in a cherry wood case. The regular edition of this putter is only $3,000, which is still higher than most sets of golf clubs used by professional golfers.

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