Whaletone Royal Digital: for a perfect Christmas song

On this particular day, The Milliardaire would like to wish to all his readers a Merry Christmas.

Tonight, you will be surrounded by all your family sharing with them Christmas’s fairy. Thus, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you the Whaletone Royal Digital. Wouldn’t it be unforgettable to gather all your beloved ones around a piano and play a Christmas song ?

Created by the Polish designer Robert Majkut, the Whaletone Royal Digital is a bespoke musical instrument, a unique combination of an original design and advanced technology that caters for the taste of both design lovers, and professional musicians.

Whaletone’s concept

Robert Majkut is one of the leading European designers. His pioneering ideas and consistency in his approach to design have brought him well-deserved popularity and recognition as a creator of unique spaces and objects.

Entering a space created by Robert Majkut is like entering a new reality where nothing seems impossible.

The concept for the design of Whaletone Royal Digital was born in a dream. In his dream, Robert Majkut saw a grand piano – totally different and challenging the classic notion of the instrument. For weeks he was chasing the picture trapped in his memory, trying to capture the shape of the piano from the dream.

Until one day, when his mind unlocked and … Whaletone was born. Monumental – like a whale emerging from the water, slow – like the movement of a giant. Charming, majestic, delicate and melodious, like romantic calls of coquetting whales…

Whaletone Royal Digital

Whaletone Royal Digital is not only a gorgeous, modern shape but first of all, a modern instrument whose heart is music. It is a perfect, full of sound grand piano which may face numerous musical challenges.

Indeed, the heart of the Whaletone Royal Digital is one of the greatest digital stage pianos, ensuring the highest quality classic piano sound, enriched with the whole spectrum of possibilities offered by electronic sounds, both the pre-programmed, as well as sampled and added by the user.

A comfortable keyboard perfectly transmits the dynamics of play, giving the impression of playing a classic piano with all its subtleties.

The sound, strengthened with a four-channel amplifier, is emitted from the top-quality loudspeakers, creating a precise, dynamic sound scene. Additional upgrades of Whaletone, like a moving keys, display for notes or iPad and other individually chosen appliances, make the piano perfectly adjustable to personal requirements and musical preferences.

Due to its form and possibilities, Whaletone Royal Digital will perfectly fit in on a professional stage, as well as in a private room, in a club, hotel or on a yacht.

To top it all off, each Whaletone Royal Digital is a bespoke production. The elements which make it unique are colours, gloss, material selection, individual adornments, personalization and the possibility of equipment configuration.

A perfect piece of design and an unique musical instrument. Prices starting at 75 000 Euros for this model.

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