The super yacht Adastra designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs

The Adastra is a 42.5 meters electric trimaran designed for a couple (Anto and Elaine Marden) to go on long cruises.

The trimaran’s shape allows the yacht to have multiple shells available. The Adastra super yacht is the second largest of its kind and the funny fact about this amazing boat is that it can be controlled remotely via an iPad.

Aero dynamism and hydro dynamism of the super yacht have been carefully worked by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs. Trimaran’s body has been reduced to set up three extremely thin shells. Their shape ensures a smooth and fast boating and allows comfortable sailing rhythm even at high speed. High performances provided by Adastra yacht is an obvious token of this innovative system efficiency. For example, at a 10.5 knots speed, the boat consumes only 17 liters of fuel per hour when the trimaran carries 10% of fuel and water. Loaded for an entire cruise (20 metric tons of fuel and water), it will only use 25 liters of fuel per hour.

A thorough analysis of all Adastra’s structural elements has been conducted to design the lightest doable trimaran in order to reduce its fuel consumption. This project was made feasible by using carbon fiber in both the deck and the superstructure. The shell was created from a combination of glass and Kevlar foam while the yacht’s interior is made of oak. This way, all aspects of the ship were designed to reduce its weight.

The main platform displays a panoramic view from a seating area and provides a dining table as well as a navigation spot. The aft deck offers additional seating at a bar, a garage and storage units for supplies.

adastra_02 adastra_3 adastra_4 adastra_5 adastra_7

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