Ibiza Marina : the very exclusive yachting destination gave itself a makeover !

Well known for its ultra-luxurious, ecofriendly actions and exclusive installations, the Marina Ibiza is one of the most praised premium destinations by mediterranean vacationers. Looking for excellence, its guests may enjoy its diverse set of facilities : its prestigious shops, mythical cabarets, its incredible views…

The Marina Ibiza is also a springboard for luxurious yacht brands. Its harbor welcomes some splendid ships. With their breathtaking silhouette and its their generous sizes, the yachts are pure spectacles. It’s no wonder that Magusta established their headquarters in the heart of the marina.

To strengthen this considerable offer, some changes have been made this summer.

New luxurious brands

Brand new, a shopping district recently opened. It includes a wide selection of premium brands. To celebrate those openings, some of the shops created their own exclusive collections. Dior, Hublot and Dolce & Gabbana introduced some all-new Ibiza inspired items. In a same way, jewels signed by Bulgari are only available in Ibiza’s shop. Tag Heuer and Giuseppe Zanotti shops, among many other, compose the shopping district.

ROTO : a vintage restaurant created by Ibiza Marina

To complement its bigger than life LIO Club Cabaret, a delicious set of gastronomical establishments were imagined to amplify Marina Ibiza‘s cooking potential. Among others, we notice the Calma Bistro. Opened to the city’s seaside, a few steps from water, this restaurant has breathtaking views and a quite refined and mediterranean menu. More nocturnal, the Blue Marlin Ibiza is highlighted by its exotic meals and vertiginous cocktails. Finally, a Grand Café Cappuccino has also opened its doors.

Nevertheless, its the opening of the restaurant / nightclub Roto that caught everyone’s attentions… Straight out of the seventies, this vintage and succulent temple has conquered the hearts of Ibizians.

The greenest marina of Europe !

Since 2008, the Marina Ibiza linked its development with the protection of wildlife. Helped by Manu San Felix, a well-known biologist, the harbor invested in the protection of seahorses, of Posidonie, the cleaning of seas… This year, the marina dedicated its makeover to the creation of green places. Made for morning walks or a peaceful interlude, these new spaces are living proof of Marina Ibiza’s engagement to protect the environment.

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