The discovery of the North Pole: trip on the roof of the world

The North Pole is at once a magnificent void and a mixture of emotions. Terres d’Aventures offers an escape to this land where magic and spirit get along. A unique experience.
Standing right in the middle of the North Pole is to free oneself from time by being at the world’s time zones at once. Far more, it’s turning around oneself to cross all time zones. If Everest is the world’s highest peak, North Pole simply dominates it, such a final touch from the top of the world.

North-Pole crossing for a unique experience

The North-Pole’s crossing allows you a mythical expedition atmosphere, one of a kind and truly unforgettable. A extreme adventure between passion and science.
The North Pole is the keen adventurer’s wildest dream to a land that conceives extreme. In fact, it’s the unique experience of finding you on the world’s end. Following the paths of Spitzberg, Terres d’Aventures proudly offers you this timeless discovery during 7 days.
By overflying the North Pole, it is the helicopter, which brings you on the lands of the polar bear.
Cap on the ice floe, skiing tracks with Pulkas and dogsleds in absolute immersion with family or friend and a possible privatization starting at four people. It’s a world of unique ice and brilliance; discover wide spaces and sense of freedom thaht will blow you away.
After the flight Paris/Longyearbyen, you will be transported by the spectacular crossing, before arrive to Borneo, the circuit’s starting point. The night arrives in the camp within the Russian drifting base at Barneo. The occasion to see the extraordinary beauty of a polar and quiet landscape.
Terres d’Aventures grants you the excursion in a hostile universe, the opportunity to live an original and outstanding atmosphere where explorers and helicopters take place

Following the path of iconic explorers

After two days of immersion at Spitzberg, you go aboard in the Helicopter (Antonov 74), tracking the footsteps of legendary explorers such as: R.Peary, F.Cook, J.L Etienne or even D.Shparo, who have covered the North-Pole’s longest distance with over 800 km. On the earth’ s ice floe, like in air, the discovery is breathtaking.
You will live a moment between dream and reality, expedition and experience, freedom and brotherhood. A professional Russian and English-speaking team is at the very disposal of the 1500 explorers who will fully live this experience. An optimal accompanying, striving to reach the Pole and accomplish this out of time journey in a sublime frame.

Terres d’Aventures offers you the top of the world, the beginning and end of it all. A magical moment, the dream and journey of a lifetime.

North pole excursion
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