Live a unique experience at the lowest point on Earth with White Desert’s excursions!

White Desert takes you to the heart of Antarctica to discover Emperor Penguins colonies, iced peaks and landscapes you will only see once in your lifetime thanks to bespoke journeys!

Bespoke luxury journeys

White Desert offers 3 different journeys that have some common points stating with the place you’ll land. Indeed, you will meet at Cap Town before flying during 5.5hours to reach Antarctica. The day before, you will attend a safety briefing with the guides that will update you as to the latest weather forecasts. Day D you will pass the Antarctic Circle aboard a Illuyshin 76 continental jet and into 24hrs of continuous sunshine.

Once you’re in Antarctica, you will be able to count yourself as one of the few lucky ones who have ever seen South Pole before. There are no more cardinal points there, only south as far as your eyes can see. Then you will attend White Desert’s camps, where state-of-the-art pods are waiting for you, build for two persons and of course heated and warm. They represent a diameter of 6m and are perfectly isolated from the wind’s noises and accommodate a double bed, a desk, wash area and toilet. They can be split for these who travel with their friends. On the camp, you will also find shower pod, kitchen pod and two custom-made tents. A luxurious place perfect to rest and taste a delicious meal cooked by the award-winning chef.

If you choose White Desert day-formula, you will land in another camp with four wooden chalets, some with a living room, lounge and a bar. And there is also a sauna on the camp! Each chalet accommodates toilet, and there are shower and washing facilities throughout. At the end of the day, you can savour a champagne lunch around the dining table!

The different formulas

So White Desert offers three different packages to explore Antarctica in a unique way, and discover breathtaking landscapes and Emperor Penguins like Bear Grylls with adventurous excursions, or in a more relaxing context to observe the iced scenery.

First White Desert formula is called “Emperors and South Pole” and is made for 12 explorers during 8 days. Each morning, experimented guides will let you choose between different activities for the day, whether you prefer relaxing or adrenalin charged ones. Then you will be able to explore ice tunnels or venture towards the coast with its giant ice waves rising from the ground. Picnics and visits are also available…and all of that under the guide’s advices who will teach you how to become a true explorer and even offering entertaining activities such as climbing, mighty abseils and even ski-surfing! Finally with this offer you will be able to join Atka Bay and share your day with 6000 Emperor Penguins that are not afraid of humans and surrounded by their kids. This formula is available for 64.000€ per person.

Then, White Desert has a second formula called “Mountain and Emperors”, pretty similar as the first one but with different activities. It takes you to the mountains and the camp is at the feet of a band of rock 8km long called Shirmacher Oasis. With this formula, you can test different walks and climbs that can be easy and focus on the views or some more technical. There is also the “via cordata” trip that is very appreciated by the tourists because it follows a road along the top of a 200ft cliff. A thrilling experience that will give you the chill! This formula is offered at 42.000€ per persons for 8 days.

Finally, you can also choose the 24h expedition with White Desert. It costs 9.800€ per person and is only organized on specific dates. With this one you will pass 12 hours in Antarctica and tests your explorer capacities while visiting ice grottos and natural tunnels winding through the glaciers. If you are lucky enough, you will also meet adelie penguins that are used to nest near the camp!

Of course each formula is environmentally friendly and the different camps are powered by natural energies and solar panels, another argument that should convince you to plan you next exploration now! Be quick because the dates and places are limited!

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