Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon: throwback on an exceptional online auction

In December 2016, online auction House Auctionata has associated for the first time with the most prestigious Champagne house in the world, Dom Pérignon for an exceptional event: the auction of the limited series of Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon trunks.

37 years of history in a bottle

To compose Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon, 23 bottles have been carefully chosen in Don Pérignon’s own cellar by the Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy himself. These champagnes have been bottled between 1969 and 2006 and form a unique combination specially selected for this auction.

More precisely, the selection of champagne for the Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon trunks understood 10 Dom Pérignon Vintage bottles, 10 Dom Pérignon P2 bottles and 3 Dom Pérignon P3 bottles, a true treasure for champagne experts. The bottles have all been stored in perfect conditions within the renowned House and will probably be the only opportunity to find such a quality of champagnes in a single selection.

An exceptional auction

Only 6 trunks of the Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon have been assembled, one of them kept by the House and five of them sold during a unique online auction organized on Auctionata’s website.

In addition to this unique selection of champagne, buyers have been able to buy a bespoke trunk and personalize it depending on their tastes. Indeed it was possible for the owner to choose the leather type, the interior lining and the engravings of his Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon. So they also represent a one-of-a-kind design object.

Then, each buyer of a Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon has received a privileged invitation to discover the brand and the House’s unique universe through the visit of its historical abbey and cellar in Hautvilliers (France), generally forbidden to the public.

To possess such a rare object, buyers have been able to place their bids on Internet via their smartphone, tablet and computers during a few weeks before the auction and in real time via Facebook Live! The starting price for each Malle Plénitude Dom Pérignon trunk was fixed at 36.000€!

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Discover the Malle Plénitude by Dom Pérignon

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