Largest Tin Of Caviar In The World

For those craving caviar this holiday season, fret no more ! The famed caviar merchant Petrossian is now offering the largest box of caviar in the world, a 10 kg container!

New Star Products

The Parisian branch of the fine food retailer Petrossian, known for its prestigious caviar, has presented three extraordinarily generous tins of its star product. The largest tin contains 10kg of Petrossian‘s Tzar Imperial caviar, making it the world’s largest caviar tin according to its maker. This new star product is entitled “The Terrible Ivan” and refers to the oversized Slav taste for luxury goods.

Also named for tsars and tsarinas, the “Catherine the Great” tin contains a whopping 5kg of the delicacy, while the one named after “Alexander the Just” contains 2.5kg.

The perfect product for the perfect reception

For Petrossian however, ‘The Terrible Ivan” is more than just 10kg of sturgeon eggs. ‘This exceptional box will interest anyone who wants to host a beautiful reception, to do something impressive, something worthy of the Arabian nights. So, it’s a bit of a fairy tale, we’re telling a story. But at the same time, we wanted something that did not exist until now, something that would be truly non-standard in this box.” Petrossian said.

There had already been requests for the 10 kg tin from clients around the globe. Next week, the company will deliver ‘The Terrible Ivan to a client in the Middle East, by private jet on the day of the event. Who talked about crisis ? People still have to make the most of it.

Slav excessivness

An exceptional product deserves exceptional packaging. Each piece in this limited edition will be hand packed, and each label hand lithographed and numbered. Each tin is prepared upon order, and prices are available only on request. To put things into perspective, the least expensive caviar tin on Petrossian’s Paris website, containing just 12g, costs €24. With a price available only by request, we calculated that the 10kg container should be around 100,000 euros!

If you are worrying about what to get the guy who has everything this holiday season, do not worry anymore and go for more than a taste of caviar but for the largest box of caviar in the world ever produced, the 10kg Petrossian container !

caviar-petrossian-1 caviar-petrossian-2 caviar-petrossian-3

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