Calvigny Island The Undiscovered Gem of the Caribbean

They even bring back 500 tons of sand and to replant more than 12,000 palm trees following the hurricane.
The Calivigny Island now offers luxurious facilities and a set of new services in the Caribbean. At the heart of 80 hectares of vegetation, the island has six sandy beaches and a unique panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.
The island has become one of the rare and exclusive places in the world for vacation.

The main villa ” Beach House “

With a direct access to the beach, the luxurious villa of 10,000 m2, offers moments of intense pleasure , with a breathtaking view of the Calivigny Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
The colonial and Balinese villa style, has 10 marvellous suites of 100-430 m2 and can accommodate up to 20 people.
The stylish and contemporary interiors are covered with beautiful Italian marble, Wenge wood , vaulted ceilings Balinese style, Persian rugs, as well as furniture designed by Oscar de la Renta and Richard Frinier. In the central of the villa is arranged with a spectacular exotic aquarium of 4000 liters, separating the family kitchen area occupied by an Italian chef.

” The Overhang House “, a chic and contemporary space

Nestled in the hills of  the Iguana, this house of 2500 m2 has 9 suites, a freshwater swimming pool, an outdoor lounge, a direct beach access and a sumptuous terrace and enjoy the idyllic landscape of the Calivigny island.
A selection of world-class art and contemporary sculptures is part of a decorative, combining modernity and luxury. The furniture has been designed by renowned designer Christopher Guy. The Beach Cottage completes the offer of accommodation on the island,  which has in total 10 villas.

At Calivigny no space for a boredom

When you’re in paradise, you cannot be bored. In fact, the Calivigny Island offers exclusive services including : island tour by quad or boat fishing, jet skiing and diving. On Calivigny island, you will enjoy the inflatable giant outdoor cinema placed on 20m2 pool screen.

One night in paradise varies between $30,000 per night for a two bedroom cottage, and $140,000 per night for 50 people which include 2 houses and three cottages, making it the world’s most expensive and exclusive resort.

Calivigny room
Island Calivigny
Calivigny 3
Calivigny Island
Calivigny 4
Calivigny Caraibes
Calivigny 6
Calivigny 8
Calivigny 10
Calivigny 11
Calivigny 5

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