Club Med Finolhu: find some outstanding villas for the ultimate romantic experience

The Maldives represent the perfect destination for honeymooners and romantic journeys. So the lovers won’t be deceived by the private villas at Club Med Finolhu, on Gasfinolhu private island, into the heart of Indian ocean.

Finolhu private villas

On a 5 acres island, you can choose between all Club Med Finolhu’s amazing villas, in front of the beach or on stilts. Each villa with no exception has its own private terrace and pool, with contemporary and refined design, in very intimate surroundings. All the villas are environmentally friendly, solar-powered, which protects the idyllic island.

Among the villas at Club Med Finolhu, you will have the choice between the 13 “sunset” villas on stilts, each with 168 sq.m of living areas, offering a breathtaking view when sun sets. You can also choose one of the 17 villas “sunrise” that offers a beautiful panorama when the sun rises. Then, 22 beach villas, also with 168 sq.m are offered, and 9 of them are also “sunset” villas.

Each villa comes with luxury services. Then if you choose to travel at Club Med Finolhu you will appreciate your own buttler service and concierge service that will organise plenty of activities for you, such as romantic dinners in your own villa, or spe treatments for you and your love one. This marvellous island will surely satisfy all your needs with plenty of other activities.

Share activities with your lover

The island’s localisation into the heart of Maldives is perfect for a lot of playful activities and exceptional discovery tour. Then, if you wish to go out of your villa, you can leave Club Med Finolhu to go on a trip on Malé island, on a “lobster cruise” at sunset, or visit the other island in seaplane or parasailing!

The Indian Ocean is also favourable for the development of submarine life in this protected area, so you can discover this new world while going on snorkelling trip and taking diving classes. For your entertainment, Club Med Finolhu also offers dancing and cooking sessions, but also meditation initiation, yoga sessions and star observation for “zen” experiences.

If you choose to have peaceful, funny or zen vacations, Club Med Finolhu is the perfect place. You can also enchant your tastes thanks to the famous chiefs’ cuisine, or watch a movie at the cinema under the stars, or enjoy an outdoor live band. Moreover, the Village Club Med Kani is close to the villas, and offers amazing resting spaces and plenty of other activities.

In a few words, if you wish to discover the Maldives while resting totally free and share unforgettable moments with your lover, Club Med Finolhu will be the dreamed place for a memorable stay.

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