Gloria Manor: a sublime way to discover modern Taiwan and Kenting culture

If you have never had the chance to discover Kenting in Taiwan and you wish to discover a new experience for your next holidays instead of lying on the beach, Gloria Manor offers you a unique stay through contemporary Taiwan.

A luxury and contemporary experience

Gloria Manor, that belongs to the prestigious Gloria Hotel Group has been many times rewarded and valued by its customers as well as the country’s organisations. Reputed for its excellence in terms of accommodation and dining, the group has opened this impressive complex in 2012 that overlooks Mt Dajianshi and Dawan Beach. Former residence of President Chiang, the place reveals a rich culture and history.

The 60 rooms and suites at Gloria Manor have been carefully decorated with typical and contemporary Taiwanese culture. Mixing traditional style and modern equipment, you can find through the different pieces unique décor elements, such as Chinese lanterns, woven bamboos and other iconic objects directly from the lobby. The most remarkable of the suites in Gloria Manor remains the Gloria Suite with its 120sq.m that offers a breathtaking view of the Mt and the beach.

At the first floor in Gloria Manor, you can also explore the former office of President Chiang Kai-Shek and its books, as well as all his furnishings kept untouched. Another way for the resort to remains culturally significant for the region. But its unique and ecological décor is far from being the only asset in this uncommon complex.

Always more excellence

As we said earlier, one of the group’s principal asset and Gloria Manor’s as well is its reinterpretation of local food and culinary excellence. There, Chef Fudy Chen is dedicated to offer the best of Taiwanese products, always searching for local and fresh products, sometimes directly picked in the resort’s garden. Always searching for originality, the chef uses local savours to let you discover the country’s traditions, but always in a contemporary way.

In 2017, visitors will be able to experiment new discoveries at Gloria Manor, thanks to its Multifunctional Park. This one will allow the guests to discover their environment, the local fauna and flora that surround the hotel, listening to the bird’s songs in a unique outdoor space. They can also discover ecology in the indoor space that also houses a gym and a spa. Concerning the excursions, Gloria Manor also offers full-day trips to discover the close wonders and touristic sites and explore Kenting.

Then, luxury amateurs who also love luxury cars will be pleased to know that Gloria Manor has developed a unique partnership with BMW Taiwan, allowing the travellers to try a BMW 3 Series or BMW 7 series during their stay. These who book a Gloria or Premier Suite will be able to enjoy these cars freely whenever they want.

Concerning ladies, they can appreciate all Swiss know-how in at Gloria Manor’s Spa, with stress relief and skincare treatments. Forget all the strain of your journey through relaxing experience and nine different programs across three different themes. A spa stay package is also offered when you book your journey.

All we can do is to invite you to discover Gloria Manor’s numerous ressources in terms of activities, discoveries and relaxation because we need far more than an article to introduce them!

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Discover the sublime Gloria Manor

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