Historical journey to the Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel Dieu

Today we propose you to discover the Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel Dieu, grand 5 stars into the heart of the Phocaean city. Overhanging the Vieux Port of Marseille and recently renovated it offers you comfort and quality into a place full of history.

Renovation and preservation

It is into the heart of a historical building that the Intercontinental Marseille was progressively born before becoming this wonderful hotel. Dated from 1188 it was first the Hôtel-Dieu hospital and it has known for the past few years some important renovations and work of preservation to become an international hotel.

The aim was to build a hotel that would offer high standard services and amenities to its customers while preserving the authenticity and the beauty of the old building. So it was about to restore and value all the remarkable spaces of the antique Hôtel-Dieu hospital.

In this way the InterContinental Marseille now represents 23.300 sqm and 5000 sqm of new buildings, carrying about the respect of the historical heritage while being environmentally-friendly. That allowed the InterContinental Marseille to obtain the HQE™ certification (French High Environmental Quality certification) and to respect the rough materials, the visual and acoustic comfort while integrating the greatest contemporary hotels’ modernity and technology.

The Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel-Dieu exceptional architecture is anchored in the city and in the Provencal culture. Follow its two huge staircases to the first floor and go to the bar, the spa, the gastronomic restaurant and the brewery and enjoy the stunning view of the Vieux Port. Savour the tranquillity under the patio in the shade of the period building and let you carry by the mineral beauty of its interior and its Mediterranean theme.

It is the same identity, both historical and authentic that we discover again into the Intercontinental Marseille’s rooms and suites.

The rooms and suites

The Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel-Dieu possesses 172 rooms, 33 of them with private terraces and 22 suites, 6 of them are Prestige Suites and one of them is the Presidential Suite.

The history of the place is also reminded in each room with delicate elements as the vintage bath or the embroidered tartan rug, and the refinement expresses itself once again with the opened bathrooms, the mirrors and the walls. The white leather bedheads evoke the ancient beds adapted to current tastes with their Provencal embroideries, and the light of the rooms highlights all the suites sophistication. As for the couches, they differentiate from the traditional room and bring a warm and domestic character.

Some of the Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel-Dieu’s rooms and suites have their own private terrace and an outdoor lounge overhanging the city and bathing in the French Riviera’s sun.

Each room offers a high standard of service, modernity like in the greatest contemporary hotels, as the hotel facilities: the Clarins Spa, the fitness center and the huge swimming pool.

If you stop by the lovely city of Marseille, don’t forget to visit the Intercontinental Hôtel-Dieu and let you go through the city’s history and the charm of this magnificent hotel.

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Discover the InterContinental Marseille Hôtel-Dieu

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