The natural and marvellous sanctuaries at Jade Mountain Ste Lucia

At the south-western Caribbean coastline and into the heart of nature are located the Jade Mountain Sanctuaries. In harmony with the surrounding fauna and flora you will there discover the most impressive Caribbean destination. With its platforms floating into nature, each of the sanctuaries are offering calm and sensual delight as a high standard of services all-day round.

The Sanctuaries

Each of the 24 Jade Mountain Sanctuaries and their infinity pool are carefully designed and offer a peaceful and calm environment for an exceptional communion with nature. Named STAR, MOON SUN and GALAXY, they offer an impressive view of the Piton and the Caribbean Sea. 5 jacuzzi suites are also available, all so exceptional.

The Jade Mountain Sanctuaries goes from 1.400 to 2.000 sq.m and their pool from 450 to 900 sq.m. The Galaxy Sanctuary is the largest and it is also the one with the most impressive panoramic view above the surrounding flora.

They are entirely open to the nature, that doesn’t prevent from keeping all the intimacy you need. The peaceful decor was carefully designed in touch with nature, as for example the hardwood flooring composed with 20 species of trees from the Rain Forest of Guyana. As for the interior, the walls are finished in a pastel tone to keep a relaxing atmosphere and the equipment will provide exquisite luxury and comfort for an enjoyable stay.

A butler, called Major Domos at Jade Mountain Sanctuaries will be at your disposal all-day round while remaining discreet and preserving your intimacy. There is no radio, television or phone in the sanctuaries in order to respect calm and this unique natural experience.

Luxury services

Added to the Jade Mountain Sanctuaries, you would enjoy the high level of services, ideal for honeymoons and romantic trips.

So the restaurants placed around a huge infinity pool and their culinary chief propose a romantic and peaceful surroundings and fresh and simple cooking inspired by local and tropical flavours with highly selected fresh products.

The Jade Mountain Sanctuaries Spa is dedicated to couples and offers a ritual for two persons with carefully selected corporal treatments. You could also choose a program directly executed in your sanctuary. Yoga class for beginners as well as those more advanced are available all day to ease your communion with nature.

Jade Mountain Sanctuaries’ localisation is ideal for excursions into the heart of the tropical flora as the abundance of pristine coral reefs, the Rain Forest and the Drive-In volcano. You could also go off in search for adventure with your personal guide and then go fishing, discover the mountain, by boat or with your bike.

If you feel the need to resource and to enjoy peaceful stunning moments, so there is no doubt that the Jade Mountain Sanctuaries are perfect to travel with your loved one.

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Discover the Jade Mountain Sanctuaries

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