Mas Citta, Mas Anga and Mas Atman, triptych of luxury, quiet and sansuousness in Ubud.

They are places where the beauty is sublimated by the touch of the man.Artistic, caring and refined.It is from this vein that Philippe GÉRÔME has thought of three villas with South-Asian charm, Feng-Shui balance, and the sweet note of paradise islands.

Steeped in history and spearheaded by ancestral know-how, Mas Village is located a stone’s throw from Ubud, a privileged destination for tourists from around the world, in search of lush greenery, a change of scenery so unique to this archipelago of South East Asia.

At the corner of a neighborhood, artisans are busy bevelling ceremonial masks, fashioning theater props, or erecting some statues, which tourists will report as a symbolic trophy of their crusoeist escapade.

It’s good to live, to stroll, to observe, to feel the spicy sweetness of the seasoned cooks preparing the Nasi Goreng, a local dish made from rice.

It is on this high place of interest Balinese that the French has set his sights.In love with teak and mahogany, he thought of a veritable triptych of high-end French, inspired yet local.

“Making an indelible memory “

The project was ambitious ;    An exclusive and discreet place, where one would pass the address of the mouth to the ear  evokes Philippe GÉRÔME with mischief.

It must be recognized that the bet is successful.

The three new architecturally designed villas, with a contemporary style and tastefully decorated, snatch their guests to make them spend an exceptional moment.

In the middle of the rice fields, under a sun illuminating but benevolent, the guest discovers this feeling of unicity which leaves him dreamer.

Lounging by the infinity pool, contemplating a mix of contemporary art and local heritage with large windows offering a bird’s eye view of a living room spaced, tastefully decorated, it was necessary to think. The French did it.

   We wanted to offer a noble experience. Not to build one more villa among others similar, but to create a special symbiosis, to make an indelible memory   “.

With over 200 square meters of living space per lodge, for only 3 parental suites each, comfort is privileged.

And Philippe GÉRÔME to give the right to Bertrand LAVIER, who repeats to the envy that    space is absolute luxury   “.

The visual artist has this vision of things that the contractor has been able to materialize by thinking effectively the distribution.

Upscale American kitchen fully equipped, open to a large living room equipped with Scandinavian furniture, generous sub-ceiling heights, allowing a refreshing air effectively contrast with the summer climate, quiet rooms softly endowed, spacious bathrooms, service upscale “à la carte”, everything is done for the guest to feel serene and rested.

There is, alas, only one thing to deplore. It was expected that Philippe GÉRÔME, since he suspends time, knows how to stop it.

But when the stay ends in this paradise of Eden, and that the privileged must return, the daily takes again his rights and imposes his duties again …

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