Mas de la Fouque: luxury in the heart of country-side

An emblematic destination at the very heart of a wildly beautiful universe. The Mas de la Fouque is the place to be when it comes to everlasting journeys. A high range hotel inlays into a dreamy landscape with an immense water surface where white swans, wild ducks and flamingos blossom. A unique harmony willing to charm nature lovers.

This mythical place was entirely rethought; its 26 rooms breathe one of the most bohemian styles. They are the masterpiece of Maow Studio and a close complicity between Sylvia Fabbian and Clémence Fenninger, two talented design experts.

Conceived to appeal a demanding clientele, the restaurant’s location is a true delight. An opened architecture puts forward a menu overflowing by what’s made best of the local products. The Mas de la Fouque’s Spa, is a relaxing windfall, a bliss served by a personnel highly aware of your well-being.

The pool is placed in the center of a wide terrace decorated with Oppède white stones, putting together the sky and water in a smooth aesthetic that would absolutely charm you. The falling night, the Mas de la Fouque becomes an astonishing scope-mode movie sequence: horses and flamingos brighten up the landscape… What else is this magnificent place, other than a pleasure for your senses?

Located in the beautiful, wild reserve of the Camargue, the Mas de La Fouque is a unique Hotel and Spa experience. The establishment offers premium services for an elite clientele. The Hotel and Spa are a unique venue in the region with a private heliport track. Arriving by helicopter gives you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Camargue and the Mediterranean sea without being stuck in the irritating traffic jam… Everything is set up for an absolute comfort.

Take place at this timeless hotel, a spot featuring both chic and casual aspects for an immersion journey inside one of France’s most beautiful regions.

Restaurant Mas de la Fouque
Chambre Flamingo Mas de la Fouque
Tamaris Mas de la Fouque
Accueil Spa Mas de la Fouque
Terrasse Mas de la Fouque
Venir au Mas de la Fouque
Entrée Mas de la Fouque
Chambre Manitas Mas de la Fouque
Spa Mas de la Fouque
Vue Mas de la Fouque Camargue

Salon Mas de la Fouque
Yourte Mas de la Fouque
Piscine Mas de la Fouque
Roulotte Mas de la Fouque
Transat Mas de la Fouque

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