Phum Baitang Resort: the new 5-stars luxury destination in Cambodia

Belonging to the prestigious Zannier Hotels group, Phum Baitang Resort as opened its gates in Cambodia in 2015, near the region’s UNESCO protected sites and most visited temples. More than a simple stay, you will experience a peaceful and luxurious immersion into Cambodian culture while choosing Phum Baitang Resort.

A place of exception

There, nature and exoticism are surrounding the resort. Indeed, Phum Baitang Resort was built like typical Cambodian villages, but it remains a little bit different because of its unparalleled 5 stars luxury offered to travellers after a long day exploring the country’s wonders.

True peaceful oasis, Phum Baitang Resort is also called the “Green Village” referring to all its flourish vegetation and height acres, but also thanks to its 45 dreamed villas. 25 of them have huge terraces and gardens facing the hotel’s rice paddles, while the 20 other villas have their own private infinity pool.

The wooden villas at Phum Baitang Resort represent traditional and airy Cambodian houses, both inside and out. There, everything was imagined, sculpted and carefully furnished to keep the resort’s authentic yet luxury atmosphere. Terraces villas represents 80sq.m of living space and garden, and 130sq.m concerning the Pool Villas.

Concerning the multiples activities at Phum Baitang Resort, you will understand that everybody can easily find its pleasure there.

With your family, friends or lover

The other great assets of Phum Baitang Resort are the culinary traditions offered through its two restaurants with an amazing view on the gardens and vegetation. Decorated with the same traditional spirit, they find their products at local markets to bring the best fresh ingredient that compose the chef’s meals, also associated with the resort’s own rice. The second restaurant, called Han Bay offer a true journey around the world’s flavours and local cuisine, with fresh and delicious seafood facing the sunset.

For those who want to rest after a long day exploring the different cultural sites near the resort, Phum Baitang Resort offers you a drink at its bar near the 50m infinity plunge pool and its breathtaking view on nature. Men can also discover the cocktail and cigars lounge, decorated in Cambodia colonial spirit, while the ladies can get pampered at the hotel’s spa.

Temple Spa at Phum Baitang Resort is a true haven of peace and serenity. There, different treatments from different cultures are provided, always aiming to procure unparalleled wellness. You can also enjoy the spa’s sauna, steam room, relaxation area, yoga pavilion or fitness centre!

Families and particularly the parents at Phum Baitang Resort can follow traditional cooking classes while the children have fun and learn more about Cambodian culture at the Kid’s Club. At nightfall, lovers or honeymooners can ask for a private dinner in a secluded place with amazing view, and ask whatever they want to their dedicated waiter.

Then all day long, your concierge can arrange for you the most amazing activities and rich experience near Phum Baitang Resort, such as surrounding villages and temples, but also gold court, local markets, Vespa, buffalo kart or Vintage Jeep tours as well as helicopter excursions!

More than just paradise on earth, Phum Baitang Resort is a real dream to share with your love ones!

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Discover Phum Baitang Cambodia!

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