Shangri La Hotel: An amazing and enchantress oasis into the heart of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the promise of luxury and magnificence. In a town that is in perpetual development, is standing the massive Shangri La Hotel, its beaches and its amazing resort. In addition to its amazing suites and villas, Shangri La Hotel is full of surprises.

The suites and villas

Shangri La Hotel is as huge as impressive. 214 luxurious rooms emerge in front of the sea, each with a balcony and a breathtaking view of the sunset. Located in pleasant surroundings, just between the two bridges Al Maqta and Mussafah that lead directly to the city centre, you will be able to stay in an indisputable comfort.

The smallest suites already represent 45 to 55 sq.m. The most remarkable is still the presidential suite. 400 sq.m located at the seventh floor of the Shangri La Hotel and it will give you the will to stay any longer. There are two bedrooms, spacious living space, dining room, study, gallery as well as a huge bathroom and your own sauna. Indeed you can have diner al fresco under the patio or at your rooftop garden.

Shangri La Hotel also offers amazing villas. Four bedrooms carefully decorated among 600 sq.m with private garden and a view of the sea. Plenty of services are available to satisfy all of your needs. They will bring you an unequalled intimacy, and will allow you to stay in an ultra-luxurious environment. Named after different region in Abu Dhabi, there are decorated with Asian, Arab or contemporary furnishings. Each villa has its own swimming pool, a lounge ideal to have diner and a car park. Some of them also have a cinema room, a Jacuzzi or grand study. But Shanrgi La Hotel hides many secrets…

Stay in your own apartment

More than just a majestic hotel, Shangri La Hotel also offers to rent your own apartment for longer stays. Residences go from 67 sq.m studios to amazing 247 sq.m apartments. Entirely equipped and as well carefully decorated, the bigger apartment has 5 spacious bedrooms and three bathrooms. Also in front of the sea they are equipped with high technologies and have their own balcony, a resting space to enjoy the amazing view.

Stay in your own residence also means to enjoy all the high quality of services at Shangri La Hotel. Chinese restaurants, Vietnamese, French, sea-food…and one of the bigger spa in the world! You will also have access to the gym, the beauty salon and yoga room and you can rest by one of the five swimming pools or one of the five hotel’s private beaches spread over 1 km.

If you wish to discover oriental charms or if you already are a true lover of this amazing town, Shangri La Hotel will surely know how to fulfil all your expectations.

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