The Intercontinental Marseille : a new page in the history of Marseille

194 rooms and suites, a 1,000 m2 conference centre, a Spa by Clarins with an indoor pool, saunas and steam baths, private terraces and fabulous views of the Vieux-Port and the Notre-Dame de la Garde Basilica! The Intercontinental Marseille is most certainly a genuine 5 star hotel offering all the services associated with this type of establishment. But it offers much more: the chance to be part of this city’s history that has been preserved and indeed enhanced. The majestic stairways, vaulted corridors, French gardens and terraces of this magnificent building all bear witness to its own unique history.

 Reawakening the Hotel Dieu

Transforming a building so steeped in history was complex : everything in the former Hotel-Dieu had to be restored, enhanced and preserved to ensure their use in the Intercontinental MarseilleMarseille city’s authorities wished to transform the Hotel-Dieu in order to boost its overall hotel capacity to host international visitors. The ultimate goal was to ensure that Marseille would become a leading destination for world-wide tourism.

The terraces were entirely rebuilt, while the halflevels on the two wings were removed to restore the building to its former glory, particularly those parts of the building that now house the main suites. The restoration also restored the façades to their original aspect, the windows and French doors are identical to those in the 18th century drawings. The rear of the building, disfigured by extensions to the hospital in the 1960s, was the ideal place for the hotel car park, not marring in the slightest any history here.

The idea of the Intercontinental Marseille- Hotel Dieu was to connect this same history to the new role of a hotel, while assuring a cer tain coherence with the original building, architecturally. The mineral character of the Hôtel Dieu, seen in the magnificent façades of Cassis and La Couronne stone with their effective colonnades, imbue the project with a spirit and provide a sense of identity for the new hotel Intercontinental Marseille.

The aim in reviving this structure was to provide a vital asset for Marseille, to welcome visitors and provide a suitable venue for conventions, cultural events and festivals in the city. The interior patio serves as a shady terrace that, in winter, extends into the area provided by the glass wall with the bar and meeting rooms along the side.

Rooms & Suites combining prestige and tradition

The Intercontinental Marseille features 172 rooms and 22 suites. The interior design combines 5 star luxury and the character of this unique setting. The city of Marseille and the Mediterranean sea inspired the distinctive flair and subtlety found here that still retains its inherent character. The decoration is the very essence of Marseille and Provence, in a truly typical setting full of the history of the city and the surrounding region.

You sense that every detail in the decorative elements, from the light to the colour, has been selected according to a procedure that follows “concentric circles”, from Marseille, to Provence, and then extends to all of France, but that’s not all… You also understand that all of the elements, both visible and invisible, of the decor and the interior architecture are notes in a sophisticated composition, which is none other than the atmosphere exuded by the site itself. When you enter your room, you will feel the heart of the city of Marseille beating in every element, no matter how slight. Each of your senses will feel harmony with the city and everything it represents.

The decoration of the rooms and suites evokes both the the history of the place (retro style bathtubs and embroidered throws) and the refinement offered, (bathrooms that open onto the guest rooms, mirrors, and full length living walls).

Composed of two areas that blend easily into one another : the bedroom and the bathroom. Guests can adjust the setting and make the room their own according to personal choice. The rooms are in anthracite and pale stone tones in harmony with the Intercontinental Marseille’s overall colour scheme. The white leather headboard is reminiscent of ancient times, old yet new and a bedspread embroidered in a design inspired by the traditions of Provence.

Shutters that open and close off the bathroom at will evoke the traditional façades throughout the city. The enamelled lava wash basin echoes the design of the tiles, inspired by the traditional Barcelona tiles with their delicate inset designs redolent of the traces of time and ancient craftsmanship. The traditional enamelled cast iron bathtub is yet another reference to the past in an unending dialogue with the modernity of its design.

In some rooms the terrace extends the floor space, creating an outdoor sitting room, where the view over the city of Marseille is absolutely unique. The magnificent views from the windows or private terraces of the rooms and suites must be seen to bebelieved. Delight in the views of the “Vieux-Port”, the historical and cultural centre of this city that teems with life, not forgetting Notre-Dame de la Garde, standing watch over Marseille and its inhabitants and a veritable symbol of this city for all.

Mediterranean flavours and savours

The Intercontinental Marseille boasts three different restaurants. With its chic, contemporary decor, Le Capian is a favourite in Marseille. Discover the luxuriously cozy atmosphere and enjoy the subtle blend of music, the arts, and high society!

A wide range of savours Les Fenêtres Brasserie is the perfect place to enjoy a wide variety of dishes, from classic favourites to typical Mediterranean cuisine. Les Fenêtres Brasserie also features inventive design, a skillful blend of glass and mirrors provide a delightful harmony of lively energy and a sociable ambiance to this restaurant. The aim is to ensure that all dishes have one thing in common, that is “the true identity of Marseille and the Mediterranean”, according to Chef Lionel Levy.

The gastronomic restaurant “Alcyone” is a very special Venue for those who to enjoy Mediterranean gastronomy. Discover the harmonious textures from the very heart of the Mediterranean. Each of the culinary creations tells a tale of the Sea and the results are incomparable thanks to to the quality of the fresh regional produce and the perfect mastery of the Chef and his staff.

Every day the Intercontinental Marseille offers you magic in its kitchen by mixing bold flavours and surprising savours to astonish the senses and enchant diners with every mouthful.

Care of mind and body

The Intercontinental Marseille features a genuine quiet haven. 1,000 m2 of pure leisure, 6 treatment booths, a pool, 2 saunas, steam baths and a relaxation room with a terrace overlooking the “Vieux-Port”, the Spa is an ideal location to enjoy a relaxing experience for both mind and body. Perfectly secluded and protected from public view and from the harsh rays of the sun, in infinitely peaceful surroundings, you will be lulled by the soft rhythm of the water dropping onto the smooth surface of the pool.

The Spa by Clarins features four single treatment booths, a double VIP both with jacuzzi, an inside/outside private lounge, and a floor massage booth. Face and body care is given by licensed and expert practitioners in the field of wellbeing and our experience showers offer a veritable sensorial voyage.

Before becoming a super 5-star hotel, the Intercontinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu witnessed the passage of centuries and resounds with a history shared with Marseille. Let’s embark on an historic journey and discover the true spirit of Marseille.

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