The Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa: a Mediterranean idyl on the French Riviera

From a lofty Cote D’Azur perch above the Corniche d’Or, in Théoule-sur-Mer, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa reopened in April 2014 and unveiled 60 updated rooms and suites overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa’s proximity to nearby, bustling Cannes makes it the ideal destination to experience the excitement and shops of La Croisette while providing a relaxing retreat once everything has been seen and done.

An exquisite Boutique Hotel

In 2012, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa experienced a complete renovation that has brought this stylish hotel right up-to-date with a well-equipped spa and fitness room, a fabulous outdoor pool, a private beach area and a stunning terrace.

Thanks to the renovation, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa now features a contemporary design that boasts a soothing colour palette emphasizing blue and earth-toned hues to reflect the hotel’s natural surroundings of the magnificent Côte d’Azur and Esterel Hills.

To offer guests both choice and diversity, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa offers a wide range of room categories for you to choose from: classic room, superior room, deluxe room, prestige room, junior suite garden, junior suite sea, deluxe suite, and the prestigious royal suite and the outstanding villa Azur.

Consisting of one bedroom with a lounge, the Royal suite covers 210 m2 and perfectly combines distinct salon areas, an elegant dining room, and a spacious bedroom. Decorated on fine contemporary Mediterranean/Oriental design, the Royal suite is a subtil blend of elegance, sophistication and ultimate refinement. 

Featuring a full-equipped terrace, the Royal suite offers you a panoramic view both on the bay and the exquisite garden. To top it all, an additional accommodation can be connected making the Royal suite an excellent choice for gatherings of families and friends.

For those looking for ultimate luxury, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa features a private villa: the Villa Azur. Offering all the advantages of a private residence and the services of a top luxury hotel, the Villa Azur is a 3 bedroom villa nestled within a garden of oleanders and umbrella pines offering you the ultimate in intimacy.

Set out on two floors, the Villa Azur features three terraces where you can experience spectacular vistas, see breezes and outstanding sunsets. In short, the Villa Azur is ideal for those looking a private time with friends or family.

Tiara Spa

Thanks to the renovation, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa now features a brand new spa that boasts four treatment rooms including a double treatment room, sauna, steam room and fitness centre.

In a luxurious setting, dominated by natural minerals and soothing fragrances, the spa’s atmosphere exudes peace and restfulness. Set out on two floors, the Tiara Spa places a heavy emphasis on water and offers thalasso treatments to restore balance to the mind and body in the purest form.

To enjoy the French Riviera‘s sun, dive into the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa’s renovated pool or unwind in a daybed in the adjoining exotic garden. If you need to try out after the excesses, the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa features a fully-equipped health center with state of the art equipment associated multimedia selections and sea views.

After its spectacular renovation, Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa is poised to be the new darling of the French Riviera.

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