Viceroy hotel Bali: a complete immersion into Balinese culture and awarded luxury

Let’s travel to the other side of the world, on Bali island, dreamed destination for all sophisticated travellers. Close to Ubud village and overlooking the Valley of the Kings, you can find Viceroy hotel Bali, a true paradise on earth where everything is settled for relaxation and discovery.

25 dreamed villas

Viceroy Hotel Bali allows its guest to choose between 25 amazing private villas, all spacious and peaceful, each with a private pool and breathtaking view of the valley. The villas are divided into 5 categories and respect Balinese traditions through their architecture but still with a contemporary design. Each villa combines indoor and outdoor spaces in total privacy, surrounded by lush greenery and an outdoor bar, typical balés and covered outdoor lounges. In each villa, the light infiltrates smoothly and highlights the beauty of the tropical garden.

10 new villas with rustic-chic style have been recently built. Among the 25 villas at Viceroy Hotel Bali, you can choose the Garden Villa with 150sq.m of living area and its spacious bedroom, open-plan bathroom and unparalleled charming garden. With the same space of living area you can find there the four terrace Villas and four deluxe terrace villas with their elevated pavilion floating above the pool and a spectacular view of the river. Then the most remarkable villas are Vice-roi and Viceroy villas. The last one is considered as the “presidential villa” of the hotel with 400sq.m of living area, incredibly high ceilings, ultra-luxurious bathroom, two luxury rooms and impressive view of the surrounding nature. It should be difficult with such a décor to find some reason to live your villa, and yet Viceroy Hotel Bali has prepared many surprises for your stay.

Perfect place to rest and go on an adventure

On completely opposite, the two words “rest” and “adventure” are perfectly suitable to Viceroy hotel Bali. Indeed, through their numerous activities you will be able to choose between body relaxation or spirit enrichment. First at the hotel you could learn Balinese tradition with cooking and traditional dance classes, but also rest at the spa with their treatments inspired by Western and Balinese traditions. Then you can go at the gymnasium, fully equipped with high tech equipment. If you prefer meditation, take some yoga session at the spa or in your villa.

For nature and discovery lovers, Viceroy Hotel Bali’s localisation is perfect to explore Balinese culture. You can take the ferry and visit the island and its neighbours, or even helicopter to fly above the coastline, the parks and volcanoes. Ubud village also offers a lot of activities: trekking through rice paddies, shopping, museum, temples…but also an access to Balinese fauna with an elephant safari and monkey garden. Then you can practice all your favourite water sports such as diving or rafting, but also discover the valley and the landscapes with hike and bike tours.

If you wish to stay at this dreamed place full of culture, luxury and well-being, you should know that a night at Viceroy Hotel Bali costs between 750$ and 2600$ all year long.

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