Angama Mara Lodges: an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Kenya

Opened in June 14th 2015, Angama Mara Lodgess are located in a breathtaking surroundings and there you will enjoy amazing Safaris with all your family. Angama means “suspended in mid-air” in Swahili, which is truly representative from its marvellous place and more than 300 hectares.

The lodges

Angama Mara Lodges are located in the Great Rift Valley upon the plains, and in mid-air are suspended 30 luxurious lodges upon the Maasai Mara 300 meters below. These are separated in two camps with local and spacious architecture.

The huge 11m wide-floor to ceiling windows in each suite will let you admire the plain and the different animals as you are lying in your bed, resting in your couch or even having a bath. The great wooden terraces are true resting places where you can have dinner or simply rest while observing the sunset and the nature. There are 100 sq.m of living spaces and there is also a library and a bar waiting for you, among a lot of entertaining technologies.

Despite all this luxury, the true beauty of Angama Mara Lodges stands in its unforgettable adventures.

Amazing activities

At Angama Mara Lodges, all activities are offered at your convenience. They start where and when you desire and are different depending on your will. Then you can organize your holidays as you wish, for an entire week or at the end of an African trip.

Angama Mara Lodges has a private access to the acclaimed Mara Triangle and the guides are carefully chosen for their knowledge, their storytelling and their ability to find animals. So you will be able to leave in open cars for a few hours or an entire day and meet lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, buffalos, zebras and giraffes…and more than 350 different species of birds whilst enjoying a picnic, or a dinner at sunset. There, animals are used to humans and will let you come closer during a unique trip.

Walking Safaris can also be arranged, and your guide will teach you all Maasai legends, traditions and customs, medicinal use of plants and will sing and dance for you.

In order to capture each magical moment, you can have photography lessons where a guide will teach you how to take the perfect picture, how to approach a lion without frightened him or how to place the car under the good light.

You can also discover the Maasai culture while visiting the close villages or go with your lover on a romantic date on the crest of the Out Of Africa Kopje that is featured on the movie’s poster.

Then Angama Mara Lodges offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience: an hour in a balloon observing the animals below, the Mara River and the forest. When you will be back on earth, you will enjoy a champagne-breakfast before setting off another adventure.

Angama Mara Lodges are available from $750 per person per night, including the activities, single malts and cigars.

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