Buddha-Bar Hotel, Paris : not just another hotel, it’s a lifestyle

The George V Eatertainment Group introduces Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, the latest vision of Raymond Visan, famous for his unique and amazing concepts worldwide. Housed in a 18th Century Hotel Particulier overlooking the famed rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré near La Madeleine, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is the achievement of an ambitious project, combining French excellence with Asian codes of well-being and hospitality.

The Travel within the Journey

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is a new gem in the heart of Paris Fashion District, widely known for its history, luxury boutiques, Haute Couture workshops and famous cultural attractions.

Raymond Visan’s always aimed above and beyond established standards. Fashioned by his numerous trips abroad, he drew inspiration from the diversity of cultures worldwide, from architecture to movies, ultimately reflected within his creations.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris (after Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague and Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest) reflects the very essence of a warm environment with an art of living that strives to meet the expectations of guests seeking an unforgettable experience, a celebration of the senses.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, aiming at a 5-star luxury positioning, will combine upscale hotel standards, personalized service and premium hospitality within an 18th century townhouse built in 1734 around an intimate courtyard, making it the number one travel choice when visiting the French capital.

A living space designed to be a tailor-made haven

A short walk from the restaurant where the concept was created, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris opens its doors on to the heart of Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. In accordance with the spirit of the place, an 18th century building reorganised in the 19th century, the concept aims to create a soothing setting, similar to a traditional Asian temple, whilst also bringing to it a resolutely contemporary feel.

The architect, François Wapler, along with the intuitions of Tarja and Ilona Visan, has designed a decisively contemporary space, allowing room for the spirit of travel, comfort and serenity. Entering through the period porch, beneath a sky lit with 120 red lanterns, which immediately evoke the spirit of the place, guests are welcomed in the reception by a first dragon, formed by a superb mosaic. A recurring figure in the concept, the Chinese inspired dragon will be a guide throughout the guest’s stay !

After crossing the threshold, the eye is immediately drawn to the bar, Le Qu4tre, a place of colour and light in this golden haven. Hushed and intimate, Le Qu4tre harmoniously reinterprets Asian references and codes, which have been given a new take with the use of contemporary materials. Le Qu4tre’s guests find themselves immersed in a unique atmosphere: Japanese cherry trees in blossom on the wall panels, black Chinese lacquer on the ceiling and wall lamps symbolising the Japanese imaginary world. Modernity and Tradition are the watchwords of the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris.

High-end accomodations : an invitation to travel

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris comprises 56 spacious rooms, 19 of which are suites. On the hotel’s floors, the dragon winds its way through a world of golden yellow fabrics and black stone panels.The soft carpets, richly decorated with the hotel’s symbol, lead to the bedrooms and suites.

In the bedrooms, a hushed and cosy atmosphere is to be found: chocolate patina effect walls with hints of gold, oiled oak parquet flooring, dressing rooms decorated with Chinese inspired red lacquer and brass door furniture, suspensions in amber silk, richly coloured fabrics, filtered from the light of day by sheer plum-coloured curtains.

In the bathroom, the vibrant red and gold glass mosaic plays tricks with the dragons’ reflections in the engraved mirrors. In a round bath or under a soothing stream of water, the sophisticated black matte finish bathroom fittings and accessories reinforce the impression of being in a unique and exceptional place.

The Blondel de Gagny suite is located in the historic apartments on the 2nd floor. Beneath a 4.50-metre high ceiling, the 18th century features have been meticulously restored. Covering a surface area of more than 120 m2, discover the large 60 m2 lounge adjoining the bedroom, and a bathroom of 30m2 decorated with a subtle combination of patina effects, paint and ancient gilt work, which now serve as a haven for the contemporary furniture adorning this breathtaking suite.

A culinary odyssey to which all will succumb

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris invites you to discover its contemporary restaurant: Le Vraymonde, a gourmet address inspired by a multitude of influences. Abandon yourself to the unique charm and atmosphere of this restaurant and embark on a mouth-watering tour of the world.

Beneath the glow of the red lanterns, the rooms succeed one another to create an infinite perspective. Between these reflections and transparencies, the focus is on Oriental refinement and French-style hospitality. An invitation to savour new horizons and relish the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In order to bring your meal to a delicious climax, let yourself be tempted by one of the desserts prepared by the Pastry Chef Guy Darcel: Japanese Whisky Baba ; Sabayon figs baked with Marsala ; “Manjari” Chocolate Fondant.

The well-being space

Follow the monumental staircase in the very heart of the hotel to discover «Le Studio b/ attitude» well-being space. In this area devoted to peace and tranquillity, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris also offers its guests an experience of spiritual and physical well-being.

Two treatment booths are based on an Ayurvedic approach, one booth is devoted to wet treatments, such as scrubs. The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris spa features also a hammam space and a sensorial shower, a gym equipped with a running machine, elliptical trainer, exercise bike and weight training. Personal coaching sessions are available by appointment.

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is a genuine invitation to travel and a tailor-made haven. To discover more outstanding venues, visit our hotspot category.

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