The EC145 By Mercedes-Benz, between elegance and power

The EC145 Mercedes Benz helicopter is the first outcome of Mercedes-Benz’s style range. Eurocopter and Mercedes-Benz unveil together this luxury model, used for private and business flights. It can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

A prestigious interior

Similar to a yacht, the EC145 Mercedes Benz‘s inside is composed of prestigious soft furnishings, a wooden floor, as well as extremely comfy seats. These are fixed on rails (8 at most), but they can be retrieved following the actual needs. Three multipurpose boxes offer an icebox, tables, dvd players, and finally a partition wall between the cabin and passengers’ area; are set up to complete this array of gadgets.

On board, the style takes inspiration within the high-end models of the German firm. Its woodwork, the ambient lighting and multifunction chests distinguish it. Racing Safety harnesses are also highlighted enough.
Therefore, the EC145 Mercedes Benz’s interior is finely made of a magical design that meets the biggest needs when it comes to elegance, prestige and comfort.

An attractive helicopter

The EC145 Mercedes Benz is a very powerful jet; it is one of the best of its category. In fact, for this same reason 400 models of this multifunctional jewel were sold around the world.

Thrill-seekers, you are served with pride!

interieur Hélicoptère
image helicopetere siege mercedes
cabine pilotage EC145
hélicoptère vue ciel
interieur helicoptere
Interieur Mercedes Benz

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