Take the power driving a dark masterpiece with the new Dark Side by Bandit9

If you are looking for a powerful but unique cylinder that clearly distinguishes itself from all the others seen on the roads, then Dark Side Bandit9 is clearly made for you. Coming from the future, dark, elegant…this cylinder is strictly limited to 9 copies and will easily find a first owner.

Future Is Already Here

Bandit9 wanted to create a powerful cylinder but also dreadfully elegant and visionary based on a Harley Davidson Street 750. But the result, Dark Side Bandit9 has nothing to envy to the original version but the motorisation.

Inspired from aerospace and most powerful boeing, Bandit9 engineers have created a savage motorcycle named Dark Side Bandit9. So the cylinder keeps aircraft unibody concerning the fuel tank, the seat or even the lights.

Everybody can appreciate the extraordinary profile and appearance of the Dark Side Bandit9 including these who normally have no interest in motorcycles. But true experts will be able to appreciate the RevX V-Twin engine that remains as new and will ensure unparalleled manoeuvrability. One of the best engines made by Harley Davidson at that day!

But concerning the rest of the frame, Dark Side Bandit9 has nothing to envy to the original model. Whether it is the reversed fork, the new 16“ Beefy tires or the Vance & Hines exhaust system. The back of the cylinder is lowered and the swingarm extended…so the original model has had a complete makeover.

The Power of Darkness

Dark, sexy and bewitching…here are the words that came to our mind looking at the amazing Dark Side Bandit9. Black from the fork until the tires, passing by the 750 cc engine, even the exhaust is in black ceramic and appears truly attractive while looking at this particular cylinder. It truly looks like no other and yet we desire it badly.

Dark Side Bandit9’s ultra-performing led lights are shining brighter than any other and the smoked glass let appears the original speedometer as well as all useful driving commands.

Dark Side Bandit9’s tires are made with stainless steel and completely match the bike’s allure in a ceramic finish. This feeling is enhanced by the exhaust system that appears to be as dark as its whole silhouette.

You surely want to know the price of a Dark Side Bandit9. Then it is less darker than you can imagine as each of the nine exclusive models will cost 32.000$! There is no doubt that Dark Vador himself would have bought one!

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View Dark Side Bandit 9 in action

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