DUU Alegher: the amazing muscle-bike entirely customizable

CR & S, a manufacturer based in Milan took up the challenge of offering to the motorbike lovers fully customizable cylinders as the impressive DUU Alegher Motorcycle. A surprising and innovative model for two-wheeled vehicles who love thrills.

A High quality customizable motorcycle

Regardless of your perception of the ideal motorcycle, the DUU Alegher Motorcycle will answer to your entire criterion in terms of design, quality and power. Thanks to its customization options this bike is unique and there is no other in the world.

So the DUU Alegher Motorcycle is a bike that reflects your own tastes. Whether it is the aestheticism of mechanical components, each model can be chosen from a first-choice catalog.

Then, the DUU Alegher Motorcycle is the only bike in the world that offers such a degree of customization. This twin-cylinder with high torque is all so rare and impressive. Based upon 3 pre-configured version you could choose for all the options you desire from a wide spectrum and even add some specific and personnal requests.

Unique components

The DUU Alegher Motorcycle corresponds to different types of users. Indeed, you can choose it as your first cylinder or if you are a tru art lover who loves refined objects. Regarding to its basic components, every bike lovers will adhere to its individualist and rebel spirit.

The DUU Alegher Motorcycle owns a V-Twin air-cooling engine with 6 speeds and 1916cc. The cylinder’s chassis is made of large section in stainless steel, as carbon finitions linked with the other with light alloy components. Its chassis is designed to resist to rust during all its life. Its wheels owns remarkable 17” alloy steering wheels.

The DUU Alegher Motorcycle can reach a top-speed of 200 km/h and it weights about 245 kg. So you can possess a unique motorcycle that perfectly looks like you but you will have to wait four months after ordering and customizing your dreamed-bike.

The DUU Alegher Motorcycle entry price is fixed at 44.000€, a justified expense for having a one-of-a-kind cylinder.

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Discover the DUU Alegher Motorcycle

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