Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade: the most “bad-ass” motorcycle you’ve ever seen

Taiwanese company Rough Crafts was inspired by Yamaha’s revival and its super motorbikes, and chose to customize the successful MT-07, true symbol of this renewal. So they have created their own version called Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade.

Fierce design

Doesn’t Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade seem to be straight out of Batman or Robocop? It is surely due to its incredibly fierce look. Rough Crafts thought that the original motorbike had too many unnecessary design components and wished to enhance its chassis. To achieve this, they added a grey matte paint and matte black aluminium components. Which looks absolutely amazing.

Then you’ll find on the Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade the same sharp-edged vibe, but with different improvements. First the forks, that the buyers found too soft on the original model, have been shortened a little for more efficiency. The new tank and tail section come to add a visual heft to the silhouette and the front is better balanced, but also better protected against the rain.

Always on Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade’s chassis, Rough Crafts has discretely added its imprint and particularly on the risers, the gas cap and the headlight grille.

Always so powerful

If there is something that Rough Crafts wished to keep just like the original bike, it’s Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade’s engine. Imagined for a daily urban use, in big town’s heavy traffic, the two-wheels cylinder owns a very soft 689cc parallel twin. Only new filters and exhaust were added.

In order to easily drive the motorcycle even with bad weather conditions, Pirelli Diablo Rain tires on Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade ensure a perfect adhesion on every kind of roads.

If this motorbike worthy of the greatest sci-fi movies was designed for Asia, you will surely be able to order it soon on Internet!

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