The Hearst Castle Estate

An inescapable stage on route n°1, the Hearst Castle estate is a magical place that belongs to a billionaire press baron, William Randolph Hearst. It’s located in San Simeon on the central coast of California, in between Los Angeles and San Francisco and was built from 1919 to 1947 by the architect Julia Morgan for Hearst. This last served as a model to the character of Charles Foster Kane embodied by Orson Welles in his movie “Citizen Kan”. In 1957, it’s the state of California that takes it over to make of it a national historic monument.

A surprising and outstanding residence

A specification sheet worthy of the most beautiful places: 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 living rooms, 127 garden acres (about 51 hectares), indoor and outdoor pools (containing up to a million water liters), a cinema, tennis courts, an airfield, and the world’s biggest private zoo… Exotic animals are still strolling.
Art and antiquities collections and architectural elements taking place within the Hearst Castle are extremely conserved and restored.

Take a walk in a dreamy place

A stroll in this sumptuous castle on the heights of San Simeon, will be a delighted moment for wide spaces lovers. A great panorama on the region and solitary strolls in the property are a foretaste of what’s waiting for you!

This sundry place doesn’t look like anything else and there are several tour possibilities. Have a blast while visiting the Hearst Castle !

entree Hearst Castle
piscine luxe
vue du ciel

vue du ciel Hearst Castle
vue chateau
salle cinema interieure
piscine intérieure chateau
luxe villa chateau

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