The Macalister Mansion, a lifestyle oriented mansion

Located in Penang in Malaysia and along the historic Macalister Road in the heart of Georgetown, the Macalister Mansion promises a quirky and sophisticated new lifestyle destination to relax and unwind. Set amidst a lovingly restored colonial mansion that was built in the early 1900s, we invite you to embark with us on a luxuriously new boutique hotel adventure .

An old English Mansion paying tribute to history and contemporary design

The name Macalister Mansion honours Sir Norman Macalister, one of the first British Governors of Penang from 1808 – 1810. Sir Norman Macalister also gave his name to Macalister Road, where the boutique hotel is situated.

The Macalister Mansion is designed around the idea of an old English mansion. Each space is designed to provide hospitality of an actual home – good food, fine drink, engaging conversation, soothing music, a good night’s sleep or simply lounging by the pool. Within the Macalister Mansion, you will enjoy : The Dining Room, The Den, Living Room, The Cellar, The Lawn and 8 Rooms.

Led by the Ministry of Design based in Singapore,  the Macalister Mansion has been designed and branded as a lifestyle oriented residence. Its design differentiates itself from the local boutique hotel scene by its intimate scale, contemporary design and attention to details. Set against the backdrop of a conserved mansion, the heritage spaces have been carefully adapted and key features conserved and infused with contemporary design, allowing the project to strike a balance between the nostalgia of the past and a vision of relevance for the future.

Innovative gastronomy and places to lounge

Set within a playful and colourful theme, the Macalister Mansion offers guests  a selection of modern cuisine. The Dining Room is all about innovative gastronomy using quality ingredients. The dining room of Macalister Mansion is conceived as a whimsical experience where the diner enjoys the formality of fine dining that is imbued with a contrasting fairy tale-like quality – pastel coloured deer graze around a tree whilst squirrels and birds perch on its branches. The pink, blue and yellow animals complement the all white dining room and are constructed from fiberglass and finished in high gloss paint.

Let you tempt with a culinary journey of discovery, paired with a comprehensive selection of wines coming of course with personalized service, the trademark of Macalister Mansion. The Malicaster Mansion offers various spaces to lounge with a glass of fine wine or champagne. For example, the Cellar stocks over 300 labels of wines from all over the world, possibly the largest collection in Penang. While the Den is a place to relax and unwind with a glass of quality whisky or cigar.

8 rooms specially designed with art pieces

The Malicaster Mansion invites you to experience pure luxury and comfort in any of its eight rooms. Each room is comprised between 50 sqm to 60 sqm with adjoining living space and bathroom suite. The largest room amongst all the eight rooms boasts an original wrought-iron balcony where guests can sit out and enjoy the expansive view of the front of Macalister Mansion.

Influenced by the life story of Sir Norman Macalister, each room has its own bespoke features and artwork, from the privately commissioned love sonnet in the Bridal Suite, to the spiral staircase and turret room in Room 4, to the Grace Tan textile piece in Room 7 that pays tribute to the tartan colors of the Macalister clan. A true homage to arts and history!

Finally, enjoy the lawn and have fun in the sun. The Lawn offers the perfect space to relax or lounge by the pool. With an adjoining bar and seating area within the pool, refreshments will always within reach whilst you bask in the sun.

Experience the best of Penang’s past and future at Macalister Mansion in George Town ! If this outstanding residence does not please you, discover our hotspot selection.

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