Subsix: a stunning underwater restaurant in the Maldives

At the Subsix restaurant, located in the PER AQUUM Niyama resort in the Maldives, guests can dine with the fishes and immerse themselves in the surreal beauty of this underwater playground.

An underwater playground

Subsix is located 500 meters off-shore from PER AQUUM on Niyama island, in the Maldives’ Dhaalu Atoll. Resort guests are whisked out to Subsix on a speedboat, then led down below sea level via a grand staircase.

Following the rave reviews of its world-first underwater nightclub, Subsix, PER AQUUM has evolved the pioneering venue into an underwater playground, a creative space which can be transformed into whatever guests imagine it to be – from private Champagne breakfasts to lunchtime celebrations to midnight proposals.

Subsix first opened in 2012. The recent redesign by Poole Associates draws inspiration from the aquatic surroundings and sets a very surreal stage for guests to dive beneath the surface and explore their desires.

Feel the tingle of Dom on the tongue, six metres below the waterline. Exchange vows in nature’s own cathedral submerged in the Indian Ocean. Gaze at the thrill of the evening hunt as reef sharks gather to feast on small prey amidst the coral-clad architecture, while you dine alongside them on contemporary cuisine.

Unsurprisingly, Subsix’s new look takes its cues from the surrounding marine life. Bespoke chairs massage guests with anemone-inspired rubber fingers, while capiz shell ceiling arrangements are described as an ode to an undersea kelp forest. Coral-like chandeliers, a clam-shaped bar and aquatic-toned mood lighting in aquatic tones complete the Finding Nemo-esque theme.

In the words of PER AQUUM Niyama’s General Manager Dietmar Koegerl, “Subsix is the closest you can get to the reef without a mask or a wetsuit. Guests fell so in love with the setting from the start that we knew we had hit on something special and had to take it to the next level.”

The new avatar of Subsix is now open. The last finishing touches were being completed in May 2015 with new activities to be innovated over time and in response to valued opinions of PER AQUUM’s jet set guests.

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