Modern Phuket Villa: an architectural work of art settled into the heart of a splendid tropical landscape

The simply called Modern Phuket Villa is located as its name indicated in Phuket and actually waiting for its lucky owner, into the heart of a peaceful and verdant landscape. True design wonder, this villa was built with first-choice materials and reveals all contemporary luxury you always dreamed of.

The perfect combination of design and exoticism

What immediately strikes us looking to Modern Phuket Villa is its triangular aspect that embodies the remarkable work of the designers. A true work of art nestled into a natural and breathtaking park.

Modern Phuket Villa is ideally located near from Patong Beach, Phuket Town, Karon Beach and close to Phuket shopping malls and educational facilities. In the middle of 1822m2 of perfectly manicured land, this contemporary villa contrasts with the tropical landscape along the shoreline of the glimmering lake of the renowned Loch Palm Golf Court.

Designing this amazing villa, architects must have been inspired by nature’s resources and the exceptional surrounding scenery. Indeed Modern Phuket Villa is surrounded by waters and bridges and is facing Red Mountains, alike a giant origami. Such a refined and elegant design that hides a gigantic and bright interior. In other words: the perfect house for the entire family.

Interior and exterior are merging

What makes Modern Phuket Villa so harmonious are surely the reflects of the infinity pool in the huge floor-to-ceilings bay windows. The giant glass walls that rotate and open subtly enhance the 150 tons of steel that composes the villa, merging outdoors with bright interiors.

Inside Modern Phuket Villa the accent was put on space and luminosity then. The rooms are bewitching you with their serene atmosphere, not far from the spacious terraces and patios, creating a stunning open-plan layout.

Furnishing has been carefully selected, as well as the materials that compose Modern Phuket Villa: salted pool decorated with hand-cast Thai tiles in polished black stone, teak panels and Shiva black granite stone of the highest quality. All these materials have been placed around the rooms with great care and come with superior amenities for a luxury life such as air conditioning, automated lighting system and spacious carport.

Lake view Modern Phuket Villa represents a total of 790m2 split in four rooms, six spa-style bathrooms, an open plan kitchen, a grand living room and spacious dining room, without forgetting the wine cellar and the gym.

The house is a true haven of peace and tranquillity nestled into the heart of a breathtakung landscape, and it is still searching for its future owner, the one that will be ready to spend 1.500.486 euros to buy it (or THB 58M).

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