Suommo, the most luxurious brand for babies

Suommo Luxury For Babies is a sumptuous, distinguished place where you will start shaping your baby’s sleep. Suommo’s creations are real works of art which go beyond time thanks to an exclusive and elegant sense of beauty, a sense of luxury and refinement ! Suommo’s goal is to meet and exceed the wishes of the most demanding parents.

Luxury Baby products : handcrafted pieces of art

Suommo Luxury For Babies creates special luxury baby gifts to offer them a great welcome among very exclusive families around the world. Their creations are made with more noble materials carefully selected and assembled by craftsmen. These oustanding materials are Italian and German and manufactured 100% in Spain. Moreover, Suommo’s products are the safest in the market compliance British and German laws, the most international demanding.

Suommo Luxury baby products are very exclusive creations and the level of work by hand that they require takes a lot of time for the manufacture of each piece. They are, more than design Luxury products for Babies : they are very unique limited edition, handcrafted pieces of art. You will for sure appreciate the quality and the high level of attention to the details for your baby.

Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition : The privilege of dreaming

Suommo Luxury For Babies created the Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition : a golden dream ! 18 carat gold covers this most significant and remarkable piece, highligting thus the most splendorous dreams. The Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition is an impressive piece no matter the place. Its beauty and functionality have taken this luxury version of the Dodo to unprecedented heights. A splendorous and unique dream come true. The smoothest, most exclusive crib.

Beautiful dreams, the ones that make you sleep placidly at night and wake up with your best smile, do not happen by chance. With care, tenderness and love for details, with the quality that only the best hands and the finest materials can provide, Suommo Luxury For Babies  created the Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition to inspire your baby’s dreams.

The Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition is a genuine crib, only available in limited editions whose exquisite details are a real ode to mother love. The Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition is priced at 38 000 €.

Dodo Basisnet Rosé Gold Limited Edition : The jewel that makes her comfort shine

The Dodo Bassinet Rosé Gold Limited Edition is presented in a limited edition and has its origin in the selected combination of the finest precious metal materials. This is certainly a unique collection, comprising only five cradles of exclusive, singular beauty. All of them are 18 carat gold plated and highly customized, which makes them unique, fine jewels.

The Dodo Bassinet Rosé Gold Limited Edition shines through with all the elegance and style of exceptional creations, taking sleep and rest a step beyond towards glamour and distinction. A unique piece of singular beauty, featuring the pink gold badge and your baby’s name in diamonds, which make it totally customized through a meticulous handcraft process.

These five masterpieces certainly exceed exclusiveness, and therefore represent a promise of total, unconditional love for your baby. The Dodo Bassinet Rosé Gold Limited Edition is priced at 220 000 €.

Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition : the most precious dreams

Suommo Luxury For Babies stretches the limits of luxury by creating the Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold. This majestic crib possesses the conquering spirit of the most precious dreams.

The Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold represents the sublimation of art. Only 24-carat solid gold could give shape to this splendorous, magnificent figure. Extreme luxury metamorphoses, creating a grandiose sculpture where dreams are glorified. A true legacy, worthy to be preserved perennially. The Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold is priced at 12 000 000 €.

Dodo bassinet Solid Gold and Dodo bassinet Rosé Gold and Suommo Luxury For Babies ‘ Designer and Ceo will feature in Financial Times FT Weekend Magazine.

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